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Goodbye and Hello

Hello faithful readers!

As you maybe can tell, we’re sort of dumping this blog.  It was a great idea, and I think it would have worked if all of my friends had wanted to write as much as me, but that’s not the case.  That’s okay though, we had a good run.

In the end, it just got to be a lot of work for Frankie and I to organize everything for eight people and get them to write their posts while doing all of our stuff as well. But do not fret (not that I think you’re fretting), I have recently made an independent blog of my own:


My passion is in fiction writing so my new blog is a way for me to get my writing out there, and a way to motivate me to actually write in the first place. Please, please check it out.  I would love any likes, comments, and subscriptions you can spare. You’re support means the world to me.

Have a happy New Year!

To 2016, yours truly,


Goodbye, But Only For Three Months

Freshman year went by as quickly as Speedy Gonzalez, but I loved it. Here are a few of my favorite things about my life at school:

1. My roommate. Freshman year would not have been the same without her. I’m not saying we were besties since day one. In fact, I’m not sure we’ve reached that level. But she was a great roommate and an even better friend. She introduced me to Skinny Pop, New Girl, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and poetry. She also joined me in my ever ongoing procrastination methods. Needless to say, I lucked out with this whole “random roommate” situation.

2. My new friends. My college friends, especially those that live on campus, became my second “family”. They’re the people I see every day, the ones that ask me how my day went, the ones that make me laugh, the ones that do homework with me, the ones that I go out with, the ones that make a four-hour shift funner than it should be. My friends keep me functioning, and at some points they keep me sane.

3. Round-the-clock freedom. No, I’m not a wild child doing everything she can’t do when she’s home. I’m actually pretty well-behaved for the most part. It’s just nice not to have to let anyone know that I’m going out… (If you live in a Latino-Catholic household you may understand the struggle).

4. The Cities. Boy are they beautiful.

5. Campus is on point year-round.

6. Coffee is but a few strides away. Seriously. It was there when I needed it the most.

So bravo to the end of Freshman year and cheers to the beginning of a much awaited summer.

Spring Break in the 313

Hi all!  Wow, it seems like just yesterday I was posting about college finances in honor of the new semester!  Since then, I have received a scholarship that paid for the rest of semester’s tuition so yay!!! But that’s not the point of the post.  I’m going to share what I did on my spring break!

So for all who don’t go to Marquette, they have a special alternative spring break program called Marquette Action Program, or MAP for short.  Each trip is focused on a certain social justice issue.  My group went to Detroit, where we focused on urban poverty.  We stayed at a Catholic Worker house, and it was overall a really awesome trip.

Now, when I told my family I was going to Detroit for spring break, I was met with the same concerns.  “Can’t you go somewhere else?” “What neighborhood are you staying in?” “Do you want me to buy you pepper spray before you go?”  While yes, the crime rates don’t lie, no one in my group was harassed or mugged or anything of the sort while we were there, and I actually felt really safe while we were there.

Basically the schedule was pretty much the same each day.  We woke up and went to the soup kitchen for the morning to serve.  The soup kitchen was really rewarding work, and by the end of the week, we were all really sad that we had to leave.  One of the patrons actually came up to me, gave me a hug, and told me that she would miss me.  In the afternoons, since we were living in a community house setting, we did chores.  I actually learned a new life skill: steam cleaning carpeting!  After some trial and error (which included me spilling dirty water on the carpet because I hadn’t realized how to keep the tank on the machine) I steam cleaned a room and one flight of stairs worth of carpet.

On Thursday, we had the whole day off, and we were able to both sleep in and explore some of Detroit.  Now, I have family who live in the suburbs of Detroit, so the area wasn’t totally new territory, but pretty much my knowledge is from going to sporting events and that’s it.  So it was cool to explore more areas of the city.  Specifically, we went to the Detroit Institute of Art and Bell Isle, an island on the Detroit River.  Bell Isle’s main attractions were closed except for the conservatory, but that was still really nice, considering they keep it 90 degrees in there for the plants!

All in all, I’m really glad I went on the MAP trip.  I learned so much about Detroit, more than I have known my entire life of having family who lives there.  I’m also really glad that I was able to really immerse myself in the city while also doing service.  I definitely recommend all college students taking advantage of an alternative break program at least once in their college career!

Displaying IMG_3725.JPG

Vegetarian Lasagna prepared by five college students!  (We concluded that five college students equate to one mom, seeing as how moms whip up lasagnas in what seems like no time and we took about an hour and a half to put everything together)

Displaying IMG_3849.JPG

Pretty flowers from the Bell Isle Conservatory

Displaying IMG_3716.JPG

A panoramic view of downtown Detroit as seen from Hart Plaza

We Need More Strawberries!

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE TABLE: It’s been so long! We’re so sorry! We won’t make excuses though, those are pointless. We’ll just apologize for slacking and get back to it…

Hey guys! Guess who I saw!?


Anissa!! I visited her at Dartmouth over my spring break and it was a blast!  It was one of those things you always talk about in high school and then a lot of times it just doesn’t happen.  But it did! I was there for four days and I brought her birthday gifts because she turned 19 this past Friday!

The journey was pretty long: 1.5 hours in a car then 2 on a plane and then 3 on a bus.  It was my first time flying alone which was exciting! I’m a really good traveler too so I don’t mind long trips.

While I was there she showed me all of her favorite spots on campus and took me to all the food places.  It’s a lot like Valpo in regards to size and student population and the feel, but Dartmouth’s buildings are cooler because they’re so old.

Day One I met all of Anissa’s friends, who were nice, and I had Indian food for the first time which tasted good.

Day Two I went to Chemistry class with her, which everyone thought I was crazy for. But being a Creative Writing Major I don’t have to take any of those big science lecture classes so it’s not like I sit in them everyday and get bored.  It was one and done and I wanted to get Anissa’s full college experience.  That night we went to the Dartmouth v. Princeton hockey game and I LOVED it!  I had no idea watching hockey was so fun! So I asked her if we could go again the next night and we did.  Dartmouth won both times.  This is us at the game sporting school spirit!


Before that we took the bus to the store to get baking supplies because we like to be domestic together.  So on Day Three we made Strawberry Cream Cheese Icebox Cake with this recipe:

IMG_3544   IMG_3545

It was really, really good, and very rich.  Also super easy to make and nice if you want something that’s no-bake. Too bad we ate too many strawberries while we were mixing and kind of ran out at the end…

But anyway, back to Day Two.  We ended the night at a frat house (my first time at a frat!) but we didn’t go for a party, we went to see her friend perform in an A Capella show.  Opening for them was an Improv Comedy group (fun fact: it was the group Mindy Kaling was in).  Both performances were phenomenal.

It was then, at 1:00am, that I realized Anissa was about to royally screw up my sleep schedule. So I spent four days living the night life of my friend, and let me tell you, it’s exhausting.

So on Day Three we made the dessert, we went to the hockey game, and we went to see Still Alice at the movie theater.  Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her part as a mother and esteemed professor with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. It was a really emotional movie based off a book I read.   I recommend both to anyone interested in a realistic depiction of the disease.

That night we stayed up late (really late) working on our novels!  They’re technically separate novels because she has hers and I have mine, but it’s more complicated than that because they share some characters and events so we have to work on them together.  But anyway, that’s a whole different blog post for a different time.

Day Four was when I had to go home, but we got breakfast at a cute diner called Lou’s first.  Unfortunately, there was a point in the meal where I may have tried to hit Anissa and in the process I may have knocked over my full glass of water instead. Karma I guess.

I had a great time.  It was absolutely the highlight of my 2015 year thus far and I hope to visit again in the future.  My favorite quote from the trip was from one of Anissa’s friends as she watched us bicker.  She said, “I’m a fan of this relationship.”

Me too.  I’m a fan of it too.

Adult Life Stuff: Resumes.


Congrats on reaching the moment in your life when you realize you need a resume!

Well, I am here to share a few words of wisdom I picked up from attending a seminar led by a man who works in career services.  His tips have landed people dream jobs and helped save others from complete and utter embarrassment.  Plus they just make sense.  So if you are applying to a job, a scholarship, or some other competitive…thing, then listen up because this will be helpful!

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.  I know your parents,teachers, and fictional character friends have taught you that what matters is on the inside but that just kinda sorta applies here.  I’m not saying throw fancy borders on it with rainbow letters, clip art, and comic sans.  No, in fact, do the opposite, use crisp, clean white paper.  Use Times New Roman–11pt (for the most part.)  Avoid using those “super convenient user friendly templates.”  They are often rigid and not very easy to personalize.  Just do it in Word–one inch margins, one page long.  (If absolutely necessary you can go onto two pages as long as they’re back to  back, not stapled)  Also, NEVER include a picture.  Most employers are not legally allowed to accept a resume that includes a picture.  So just don’t bother.

FUN FACT: An employer spends an average of 20 seconds looking over a resume!  These are things an employer wants to see:

1. Name and Contact Information.

That means full legal name; no nicknames.  This will be your header.  (Not actually in the header on a Word document, just the first thing on the page..)  Your name should be nice and big so the reader knows with whom he or she is dealing.  Align your contact information directly underneath your name–UNLESS you are a student living on campus.  Then split up your school address and your home address and respective phone numbers to opposite sides of the page.  Your email should be something moderately professional.  i.e. is not acceptable.  Your email should reflect your age.  So should your voicemail message.

2. Objective Statement.

This is only necessary if you are applying to something super crazy specific.  And make sure it’s mutually beneficial.  Don’t be that person whose objective is “to get a job.”  No duh…why else would you hand someone a resume?

3. Education.

So this is why that GPA thing matters.  Unless it’s awful.  Then it’s okay to omit.  And if you do choose to include it, make sure it’s accurate.  If you are not completely done with college yet or you are applying to something right out of high school, then definitely include your high school.  Just make sure they are on separate sides of the page.  If high school is a bit outdated (after college sophomore year) then by all means omit it.

4. International Experience.

Work done outside the country captures attention and gives you an edge.  This is where you note your internaional volunteer hours, study abroad, or foreign internships.  Your exotic honeymoon and hectic family vacations do not have a place here.   It’s also totally okay if you have never been out of the country.  (I haven’t.)

5. Work Experience.

Always list the most recent career/job first and work chronologically backwards.  Use bullet points to briefly describe what you did through action words and buzzwords but NO PRONOUNS. (I, you, he, she, it, me, us, them, etc.)

If you’re low on work experience, impress with volunteer experience.

6. Activities and Honors.

This is the fun stuff.  Again if high school is relevant, brag about it.  But really focus on any collegiate activities and achievements, leadership positions and awards, etc.

7. References.

Always ask your references if they are okay being a reference.  Make sure their contact information is up to date.  If possible, students should provide two academic references and one work reference.  Include the phrase “Available Upon Request” if it is absolutely true.  DO NOT use a family member as a reference.  They love you too much not to be biased.

8. Whatever Else You Deem Necessary To Include.

If there is a special skill you think can help you get ahead in thee runnings, go ahead and list it.  No, wall twerking is not a special skill you should list.

Key Pointers!

  • All major headers should be 14pt font.
  • The bulk of your text should be 11pt or 12pt font (the more important, the larger the font).
  • DON’T list personal things.  Potential employers don’t need to know your sexuality, race, ethnicity, cats’ names, shoe size, etc to consider you for hire.
  • Use the correct tense:  if you did it in the past, use past tense.  If you are still doing it, use present tense.
  • If for some reason a negative pops up, spin it into a positive!
  • NEVER TELL A LIE.  Don’t exaggerate either.  If you can’t back it up with facts/proof, then don’t include it on your resume.
  • If you have to mail your resume, send it in a manila folder.  Creased resumes can appear crumpled and messy.  Remember, image is everything.
  • A resume is an active document.  You should be adding and adjusting throughout life as things happen.  It’s not static or ever really finished.
  •  ALWAYS TRIPLE CHECK BEFORE YOU PRINT (or hit submit).  People tend to type a document and move on.  Typos are a big no-no and you want to catch them before it’s too late.

I set up a guideline for myself while working on my resume.  I attached it here!  It’s not a template. All of the information is typed up in textboxes so they can be moved, replaced, and resized or adjusted as needed.  Mine includes high school as well as University information since I’m still a student so those of you confused about the “separate sides of the page” thing can see what I meant.  I hope this helps!  Good luck with life.

Bye For Now,

Frankie :-*

Merry Christmas to All!

Hey everyone!  On behalf of myself and the entire Table, we just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!  Or a happy winter holiday, however you’re choosing to celebrate or not celebrate!  We’ll be celebrating all together with a Secret Santa/potluck dinner on Sunday night!

In the meantime, here are pictures of my dog Sadie with one of her gifts, a fleece blanket that she prefers to use as a chew toy.

Displaying photo 1.PNG

Displaying photo 2.PNG

She was not very happy about not being able to chew on the blanket in order to take a semi normal picture!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Spread the Cheer

In an earlier post,  I told everyone about the #Holidaycardproject.  While this time of year was super crammed with finals and papers and holiday celebration preparations, it was nice to take time to create something special for those who could use some holiday spirit.  So, I pulled out my colored pencils and went to work on a couple of greeting cards for the #Holidaycardproject that I came across on deviantART one day.  Here are the finished products:



I’m rather fond of the little snowman 🙂
I hope that my cards will put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.  Did anyone else participate in something like this? We’d love to hear about it!
With that, Happy Holidays to everyone!
I’ll leave you a few pictures of my Christmas tree to help set the Holiday mood.





Speaking of Long-Distance Relationships…

Hey y’all,

Frankie’s post got me thinking heavily about my boyfriend and how much I miss him. His name is Makonnen [Mah-Cone-Nen], and no he is not the newly famous I LOVE MAKONNEN music artist (although that would’ve been a nice story to tell). I’m over here jammin’ to Drunk in Love by Beyoncé, so excuse my mushiness.

2014-07-24 14.09.59

I was forced to attend DSHA, and it was the best decision that my parents ever made for me. One of my biggest concerns, however, was figuring out how I’m ever going to find a boyfriend in an all-girls school. Believe it or not, IT HAPPENED! Granted, I didn’t find Konnen until Christmas break of my senior year, but it still counts. *flips weave* Do you guys want to hear our cheesy story? Because I’m going to give it to you anyway. Grab some popcorn and a box of tissues…

So we met at a party when I was a sophomore and he was a senior. He told me that the entire night at the party, his attention was solely on me. I, on the other hand, was probably worried about where the drinks and food were. Needless to say, I barely remember seeing him at the party, let alone acknowledging his existence. Between sophomore year and senior year, he ended up being a friend in my Snapchat list. I would always see his stories, so I knew that at some point he moved to California which really discouraged me from pursuing anything with him.

The day before my first finals, I Snapchatted my “fail of the day” – locking my keys in the car (I was standing in the freezing weather). He responded via Snapchat by laughing at me and saying that I was funny. And I instantly thought 1) I don’t even know you, so why are you laughing at me? We aren’t cool like that, and 2) you know who I am!!! I played off my annoyance by engaging in some superficial conversation, and we ended up exchanging numbers, with NO intention to ever speak to him again. Lucky for me, I was bored out of my mind the next day and decided to text him after all. That was the best decision of my life so far.

2014-05-22 21.39.07

We connected instantly. We got so deep, so fast; it was thrilling and yet ridiculously scary. He told me that he lived in California, which was a huge turn off for me being that I had just ended up a long distance “situationship” a month before meeting Konnen. He did say, however, that he would be moving back to Wisco on my birthday (January 2), so I figured that simply meeting and going on a date couldn’t hurt anything.

It was love at first sight. He came with his buddy, and I came with my cousin to make things a tad less intimate and awkward. But that kinda backfired because his friend was really awkward the entire time. Nevertheless, we all still enjoyed ourselves at Casablanca, and then headed to his buddy’s house for some movies and video games. The next day he was my boyfriend (he tells me that he didn’t want to make things official on my birthday because that would’ve been too cliché).

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Where’s the long-distance aspect?” To make a long story short, he had to move back to California (his native state) for a crazily well-paying hospital job a month after we got together. That was traumatizing and VERY depressing. But we’ve managed to make it work thus far. He came back for Valentine’s Day (2 weeks after he moved), flew me out there for my spring break, came back here for my graduation, and then came back again a month later for his sister’s wedding (which ended up being on his birthday, June 28). Two weeks later he flew me out to spend a month with him in Cali, and I had the time of my life. He even took me to the Beyoncé & Jay – Z concert while I was out there. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m gay for Beyoncé! He’s come to visit me once since school started and… (Insert drum roll)…. HE’S MOVING BACK ON CHRISTMAS! I’m so elated to finally be with him again. It’s been a long year of being apart, but it’s made us immensely stronger and more appreciative of the time that we do spend together. Only God knows where things will go from here, but I don’ t have any doubts in my mind that we will be getting married in the future. I love that man ❤

2014-08-07 01.53.22

Yes, today is the last day of classes. But now that means I’ve got to get started w/ studying for finals. So that’s my cue! See y’all later, and Merry Christmas if you don’t hear from me again!

Mia ❤

Homecoming Like No Other

Homecoming at an HBCU is unlike any other experience I have had in my life. This year’s SpelHouse (Spelman and Morehouse) Homecoming was a week full of different fun events. Homecoming started during Fall Break, but there were still a lot of events even though the school was closed.

On Monday, there was no school, so it was just the kick off at Spelman’s oval. There was food and people got really hype about Homecoming week.

Tuesday, there was the neo-soul concert. Elle Varner came. She was really good, but like every other event, it took forever for her to take the stage. Before she came on, there were a lot of students promoting their mixtapes. Some people were good; others needed to get off the stage as soon as possible. Elle Varner was charming with all the fans. She took pictures with people on their phones and to me she was a great performer.

Next was Hump Wednesday. Hump Wednesday is every Wednesday, but this Hump was especially unique because it was Homecoming Hump. At this Hump, the freshmen stroll teams strolled. Each freshmen dorm had students audition for the stroll team and once the teams were decided, they practiced a lot to get ready for the stroll show. I remember after audititons, I could hear the stroll teams practicing the same routine over and over downstairs because my room is right above the taproom. At Hump, I think the vibe that the girls were going for was more of a sexier feel, while the guys strolled like the frats on Morehouse’s campus. Since I live in LLC1, I obviously felt like LLC1’s stroll team did the best! Chi So Fly!

After the freshmen strolled, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. brought out the girls that would be competing in their pageant for Miss Black and Gold. Each of the girls introduced themselves and afterward, they strolled in the likes of Alpha Phi Alpha. During Homecoming week, pageants were also a big thing. There were pageants for Mr. Freshmen, Mr. Sophomore, etc. and Miss RHA, which was a competition between girls that represented each of Morehouse’s freshmen dorms.

Thursday was the SpelHouse Fashion Show, which had student fashions, modeled by students. That same night there was the Hip-Hop concert. 2-Chainz came. I didn’t go to the Hip-Hop concert because while I like 2-Chainz’s music, I was not in a huge uproar to see him in concert, plus the tickets were $30.

Also on Thursday, my roommates and a couple other friends went to a frat party at a club called Mansion Elan. The party was called Pretty Nasty and Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi hosted it. When we got into the party, it was already underway. The frats were continually strolling. I had a lot of fun; I danced with a LOT of Ques and a couple Kappa’s. Although we didn’t get home until really late, I think you all would be happy to know that I still got up and went to class on Friday morning.

Friday was the first day of Homecoming weekend and also Alumnae weekend. Friday’s event was Market Friday. At Market Friday, a group of vendors come to Spelman’s campus and sell clothing, food, Greek apparel, and various products that they think college students want to buy. Since it was Homecoming weekend, they had to change Market’s venue from the Lower Manley Patio to the Amphitheatre in front of the Suites, which was a bigger area. They were so many alumnae from both Morehouse and Spelman and I just remember thinking that I wanted to be these people one day. They were all just to happy to see how the school had changed and catch up with old friends.

My favorite event from Homecoming week was the tailgate. For SpelHouse’s tailgate, they blocked off all the streets surrounding Morehouse and Spelman. When walking out of the Spelman gates, I could already smell all the food cooking. Walking down the streets, there were tents for the Greeks, tents for vendors, and tents for alumnae who purchased tents, just because. They was also a ton of food, and the good part is that most of it was free. They was lots of music. Also during this time, the football game was happening between Morehouse and Albany State. Not a lot of people went to the football game, most people stayed and walked around. I met a lot of students, and I also saw alumnae that I knew from home.

That night we went to the Greek Step Show. Performing were the Deltas, the AKA’s, the Ques, the Kappa’s, and the Alpha’s. The show was fun. Each Greek organization had some creative themes. But in the end, for the fraternities, the Kappa’s won, and for the sororities, the AKA’s took the trophy.

Later that night, we went to our final party of Homecoming week. The party was called Project X, and although it would have been a lot of fun, it turned out to be a bust because we ended up waiting outside for like an hour and a half, and when we finally got in, it was too crowded to dance.

Overall, Homecoming week was bomb and I had so much fun. It took me about another week to recover from everything that we did. I’m so excited to do it all again next year.

Kennedy and more peeps Oct 2014 Kennedy and peeps Oct 2014

Yet another party with my mains!