Secret Santa with the Commuters

This week, I participated in my first Marquette Commuters Tradition.  We did Secret Santa!  Now, the day of Secret Santa was way more than just getting a gift for me.

Depending on my schedule, I prefer to leave campus earlier because normally I take the bus.  But since I was staying for Secret Santa, I was staying on campus later.  So I finally participated in a commuter tradition of going to wings night!  Let me explain.  There’s a dive/restaurant on campus called Sobelman’s, which if you’re ever in Milwaukee, you should check it out.  It’s been voted one of the top burger places in Milwaukee for… Well, for a long time.  Every Wednesday, they have 30 cent chicken wings, which if you’re not familiar with chicken wing pricing, is really cheap.

Every week this semester I’ve watched my friends go for lunch for wings, and I’ve sat sitting my sad looking PB&J sandwich.  A group also goes for dinner.  I finally joined the dinner group and had my first Sobelman’s chicken wings!

After dinner, everyone came back to the Commuter Lounge and we started the festivities!  Our setup of presents was epic, especially compared to our half decorated tree (with one of the ‘ornaments’ being a leftover Nerf gun dart from Humans vs. Zombies) and our fireplace projected from our TV via Netflix (which has three episodes of a roaring fireplace if you’re interestedJ ) .  I volunteered to be Santa, and soon everyone got their gifts!  The gifts included: play dough, a miniature pool table, science fiction books, and lots, I mean lots, of candy and chocolate.

I received a set of light up lava lamp looking speakers, which I’m very excited to put in my room eventually (my room is chronically messy, which is why I say eventually).  I can’t for next year’s Secret Santa!




Even though Thanksgiving has yet to come, we can all start spreading holiday cheer to brighten up someone’s day!  For those of you creative deviants, you might already know about this but non-deviants can participate, too.  The Holiday Card Project is an event where people all over the world create holiday cards for people in hospitals over the festive season.  The recipients of these cards range from young to old with mild to terminal illnesses and injuries.  We want to share our holiday spirit with them and because of this wide range of patients, it is asked that messages stay away from things like “get well soon” or “hope you feel better” since it might not be applicable to the recipient.  You can either make a card yourself (8.5″x11″ paper folded twice, grade school style) or purchase a card and embellish it with your flare. You can totally send more than one card but keep in mind quality vs quantity.  There’s an amazing feeling that comes with receiving a well thought out gift.  When you’re ready to send your cards, send them to this address:

deviantART, Inc.
Holiday Card Project
7095 Hollywood Blvd., #788
Hollywood, CA 90028

All cards must be postmarked by DECEMBER 17TH.

Take pictures and use #HolidayCardProject to show the world all of your holiday joy!  Now, get crafty!


*WARNING, Images included are not for those with coulrophobia.*

Once there was only one man living on Earth.  He heard a knock on the door.

dun, Dun, DUUUUN!

    There are so many scary stories out there, it’s difficult to choose just one to tell!  I’ll save us all some time and just link one of my favorite twisted websites here.  Good luck sleeping tonight 😉

It’s fitting that I’m posting today because I fully believe that HALLOWEEN IS THE BESTEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!  It’s rather unappreciated.  I love it because: a.) chocolate, b.) fall, c.) playing dress up, and d.) scaring the crap out of people.  Somehow I managed to score all four during my job at the Haunted Forest in Ames, IA this year!  As painful as it is to drag myself out of my cozy dorm room, the reward is so worth it.  Yes I get paid (and they give us candy) but I thoroughly enjoy making people scream bloody murder while losing control of their bladder (that happened; it got a little awkward).  My role for the past month has been a psychotic clown in a fenced in, abandoned nursery set up.  Truthfully, I picked this character because a ton of people are afraid of clowns and I might be slightly sadistic.  Whenever I’m hiding out of sight, ready to jump out and laugh (giggle) maniacally, I listen to the visitors entering the nursery.  “Oh I hate clowns!  They’re so creepy!”  When I hear this, the crazy little clown in me jumps up and down in a happy dance.  Some people are lame and just look at me, almost annoyed that there’s a clown in the way.  Others bury their faces in the shoulder of the person next to them to avoid looking at me.  The rest, my favorite, run screaming for the tiny exit.  🙂 I honestly enjoy this too much.  Sometimes there are children (don’t understand why) who look absolutely terrified so I back off.  I witnessed a girl (probably in high school) burst into tears she was so afraid.  There are also people who had full on panic attacks and had to be guided by one of us actors to the end.  We are ranked as the scariest haunted establishment in Iowa. They advise that you not come alone.  We’re open every weekend in October as well as November first.  Even though it can get down to freezing temperatures at night, I stay warm by jumping around and chasing visitors.  People have asked what my favorite scare is.  I’d have to say it was last night.  This guy was leading the line through the section when I jumped out in front of him.  After jumping and screaming, he tried running left, then right, then he spun around in a circle and turned and gave a bear hug to the guy behind him.  He rather resembled a character in a Scooby Doo series or something.  Definitely hilarious, I wish I had caught it on camera!  Overall this October has been pretty Spooktacular.

This is what the customers see when they enter the clown cage.  That's my roommate, she also works there as a clown.

This is what the customers see when they enter the clown cage. That’s my roommate, she also works there as a clown.

Here's a rather disturbing baby crib...

Here’s a rather disturbing baby crib…

This is me as a clown on a headless rocking horse :)

This is me as a clown on a headless rocking horse 🙂

Here's an eerie shot of my roommate standing by the creepy crib.

Here’s an eerie shot of my roommate standing by the creepy crib.

This is exactly what I looked like riding the bus home after work.

This is exactly what I looked like riding the bus home after work.

-Frankie :-*

P.S.  My actual Halloween costume is an undead pin up girl.  I love pin ups!

P.P.S. Yes, I did my own makeup every night.