It’s About Who You Know…

After high school, adults advise, “don’t miss an exam,” “you should probably study,” and “this is your time to explore.” Everyone claimed college will be the best four years of my life. I’m going to make so many friends. I’ll get to take classes that truly interest me. It’s going to be nonstop fun!

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun.

But I also struggled a lot this year.

I went to Iowa State for a degree in Animal Ecology but soon realized: not for me.  Keeping up with classes was difficult.  My grades tumbled and I kept a lot to myself, suddenly aware that I made the wrong choice.

I tolerated people more so than befriending them.  No one could replace people I loved already.  Besides, everyone was BFFs already and I didn’t want to intrude.  So I coexisted with my roommate and struggled academically, relying on the occasional care package and online shopping shipment to brighten my day.

By winter, I even considered transferring, my gut telling me to get out.  But that felt like quitting; I would change my major and see what happens.

During this time, what kept my spirits up was the Motion Sickness Dance Team, a hip hop club.  Fellow dancers brightened my spirits, I couldn’t bring myself to part with them.

To change my major, I had to fit an entire year’s worth of a core design program in just one semester.  Everyone said I was crazy.  Professors thought it shouldn’t be allowed, yet this spring of 2015 had a record amount of students doing that exact thing.

I got a job, too. Coworkers insisted I’d go insane if I stayed there.  But I stayed.

I wanted to prove I was capable.  Even though spring was way busier than fall, somehow, I knew it would be better.

My year developed into something positive; coworkers, classmates, and club members taking my mind off the negatives.

Unfortunately, during the last full week of school, something happened.

As the Motion Sickness club turned into family, we were blindsided with a tragedy.

My good friend, dance partner, and future roommate passed away.

She was amazing.  Practice was never dull when she was around.  A music major, I could relate to her creativity.  Though she would deny it, she was a talented dancer, too.  How someone so bubbly, talented, and unique could leave this world so suddenly will forever remain a mystery.  Sometimes I think about her and picture her playing her piccolo in the afterlife, grinning down at us.  The Motion Sickness family flocked together during such a difficult time.  We were there to console, to hug, to remember the good times.  Now, I’m sure, I can’t leave them.

This year, packed with ups and downs, was a blessing in disguise; it made me stronger.  I grew from this experience and developed friendships that I know will last.

I’m proud to say I’ve been accepted to the Integrated Studio Arts program at Iowa State University and could not have done it without massive support.

My take away?  Make good friends and good things will happen.

That’s my first year at college, how did yours go?

-Frankie :*


Adult Life Stuff: Resumes.


Congrats on reaching the moment in your life when you realize you need a resume!

Well, I am here to share a few words of wisdom I picked up from attending a seminar led by a man who works in career services.  His tips have landed people dream jobs and helped save others from complete and utter embarrassment.  Plus they just make sense.  So if you are applying to a job, a scholarship, or some other competitive…thing, then listen up because this will be helpful!

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.  I know your parents,teachers, and fictional character friends have taught you that what matters is on the inside but that just kinda sorta applies here.  I’m not saying throw fancy borders on it with rainbow letters, clip art, and comic sans.  No, in fact, do the opposite, use crisp, clean white paper.  Use Times New Roman–11pt (for the most part.)  Avoid using those “super convenient user friendly templates.”  They are often rigid and not very easy to personalize.  Just do it in Word–one inch margins, one page long.  (If absolutely necessary you can go onto two pages as long as they’re back to  back, not stapled)  Also, NEVER include a picture.  Most employers are not legally allowed to accept a resume that includes a picture.  So just don’t bother.

FUN FACT: An employer spends an average of 20 seconds looking over a resume!  These are things an employer wants to see:

1. Name and Contact Information.

That means full legal name; no nicknames.  This will be your header.  (Not actually in the header on a Word document, just the first thing on the page..)  Your name should be nice and big so the reader knows with whom he or she is dealing.  Align your contact information directly underneath your name–UNLESS you are a student living on campus.  Then split up your school address and your home address and respective phone numbers to opposite sides of the page.  Your email should be something moderately professional.  i.e. is not acceptable.  Your email should reflect your age.  So should your voicemail message.

2. Objective Statement.

This is only necessary if you are applying to something super crazy specific.  And make sure it’s mutually beneficial.  Don’t be that person whose objective is “to get a job.”  No duh…why else would you hand someone a resume?

3. Education.

So this is why that GPA thing matters.  Unless it’s awful.  Then it’s okay to omit.  And if you do choose to include it, make sure it’s accurate.  If you are not completely done with college yet or you are applying to something right out of high school, then definitely include your high school.  Just make sure they are on separate sides of the page.  If high school is a bit outdated (after college sophomore year) then by all means omit it.

4. International Experience.

Work done outside the country captures attention and gives you an edge.  This is where you note your internaional volunteer hours, study abroad, or foreign internships.  Your exotic honeymoon and hectic family vacations do not have a place here.   It’s also totally okay if you have never been out of the country.  (I haven’t.)

5. Work Experience.

Always list the most recent career/job first and work chronologically backwards.  Use bullet points to briefly describe what you did through action words and buzzwords but NO PRONOUNS. (I, you, he, she, it, me, us, them, etc.)

If you’re low on work experience, impress with volunteer experience.

6. Activities and Honors.

This is the fun stuff.  Again if high school is relevant, brag about it.  But really focus on any collegiate activities and achievements, leadership positions and awards, etc.

7. References.

Always ask your references if they are okay being a reference.  Make sure their contact information is up to date.  If possible, students should provide two academic references and one work reference.  Include the phrase “Available Upon Request” if it is absolutely true.  DO NOT use a family member as a reference.  They love you too much not to be biased.

8. Whatever Else You Deem Necessary To Include.

If there is a special skill you think can help you get ahead in thee runnings, go ahead and list it.  No, wall twerking is not a special skill you should list.

Key Pointers!

  • All major headers should be 14pt font.
  • The bulk of your text should be 11pt or 12pt font (the more important, the larger the font).
  • DON’T list personal things.  Potential employers don’t need to know your sexuality, race, ethnicity, cats’ names, shoe size, etc to consider you for hire.
  • Use the correct tense:  if you did it in the past, use past tense.  If you are still doing it, use present tense.
  • If for some reason a negative pops up, spin it into a positive!
  • NEVER TELL A LIE.  Don’t exaggerate either.  If you can’t back it up with facts/proof, then don’t include it on your resume.
  • If you have to mail your resume, send it in a manila folder.  Creased resumes can appear crumpled and messy.  Remember, image is everything.
  • A resume is an active document.  You should be adding and adjusting throughout life as things happen.  It’s not static or ever really finished.
  •  ALWAYS TRIPLE CHECK BEFORE YOU PRINT (or hit submit).  People tend to type a document and move on.  Typos are a big no-no and you want to catch them before it’s too late.

I set up a guideline for myself while working on my resume.  I attached it here!  It’s not a template. All of the information is typed up in textboxes so they can be moved, replaced, and resized or adjusted as needed.  Mine includes high school as well as University information since I’m still a student so those of you confused about the “separate sides of the page” thing can see what I meant.  I hope this helps!  Good luck with life.

Bye For Now,

Frankie :-*

Spread the Cheer

In an earlier post,  I told everyone about the #Holidaycardproject.  While this time of year was super crammed with finals and papers and holiday celebration preparations, it was nice to take time to create something special for those who could use some holiday spirit.  So, I pulled out my colored pencils and went to work on a couple of greeting cards for the #Holidaycardproject that I came across on deviantART one day.  Here are the finished products:



I’m rather fond of the little snowman 🙂
I hope that my cards will put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.  Did anyone else participate in something like this? We’d love to hear about it!
With that, Happy Holidays to everyone!
I’ll leave you a few pictures of my Christmas tree to help set the Holiday mood.





No Matter The Distance

Being a group of girls, it’s only natural that boys pop up in conversations.  Three members of the Table are in steady and adorable relationships–including myself.  (Almost a year and a half in fact.) While some have the privilege of living a mere 15ish minutes from her boyfriend, some of us have to deal with being miles, hours, states apart.  While most people respond with a skeptic “well, if you think you can make it work…,” having the support of each other, friends, and family makes it a lot easier.  Believe it or not, a serious relationship can exist when you live in different states.  Here are some things I do that help ease the intimidation of a LDR (long distance relationship).

His name is Peter.


We met during the summer before senior year.  We have now been dating for almost a year and a half.  I used to see him almost every day.  Now we’re off at college.  He attends Viterbo University in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.  I attend Iowa Sate University in Ames, Iowa. That is about a four hour drive.  It’s not too bad but it is long distance.  How do we make it work?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: communication is the key to any and all relationships.  This is especially true for a LDR and definitely during college.  My boyfriend and I text each other every single day.  Even a simple “Good morning” and “Sweet dreams” can be enough sometimes.  Obviously that cannot be the only communication between a couple.  Make time to really have conversations, much like what would happen in person.

I'm crazy.  and also blonde now.

I’m crazy. and also blonde now.

Also Skype.  Lots of Skype.  Without physically seeing the other’s face, your relationship can turn into one of those fictional online ones; both people hiding behind a keyboard.  Using Skype (or Facetime or Chat or what not) to connect a face with his or her words can reconnect the human part of the relationship.  You can even go on dates with Skype!  Each of you grab a mocha from the cafe downstairs and–voila–instant coffee date. Although, for me, it’s more like: me stuffing my face with pasta or chocolate and him reviewing notes while his neighbor vacuums his roommates desk.  Close enough.

Something that I do is trick myself into thinking that he’s actually nearby.  Since neither of us have cars and we’re both (kind of) swamped with school, it’s easy to make up reasons why the other wouldn’t be able to swing by real quick.  The amount of stories we could tell about each others’ college life makes it seem like we were together when it happened. And of course reminiscing about times when we actually were together is nice, too.

Here's a shpt from his senior prom. (We went to our "brother" school)  I made that dress myself :)

Here’s a shot from his senior prom. (He went to our “brother” school) I made that dress myself 🙂

People always assume that LDRs fall apart tragically.  Some peers tell me horror stories of older siblings who were crushed by a relationship that was not meant to go long distance.  (Now that I’m in one, I wonder how the heck things can fall apart like I’ve been told.)  Sure I questioned if it was the right thing to do.  Initially, I figured taking a break for college would be easy.  That way we could both focus on school and not be afraid to “meet new people.”  But the closer we grew, the more I realized a break was not an option.  Neither of us want even to think about this relationship ending.  With LDRs, it’s essential that trust, support, and dedication form a triple threat.  If doubt creeps its way in at all, the whole thing can crumble.  So I don’t doubt.  I can honestly say that I cannot imagine myself with anyone else. Nor can I imagine myself single (even though I was for like, 17 years…).  Peter and I put faith in each other and know that the other will always be there no matter what.

So ignore all the haters.  If you think your relationship can withstand distance, go for it.  It’s not as scary as it seems.  Remember that it might take some adjusting and communication is vital.  With enough faith and support a LDR can be a breeze, no matter the distance.  If you believe in something, it’ll happen.

-Frankie :-*

Here are some cute pictures.  It’s actually pretty rare to find photos of us together so these are basically all off them. That’s what happens when you live for the moment, not for the documentation of it.


Even though Thanksgiving has yet to come, we can all start spreading holiday cheer to brighten up someone’s day!  For those of you creative deviants, you might already know about this but non-deviants can participate, too.  The Holiday Card Project is an event where people all over the world create holiday cards for people in hospitals over the festive season.  The recipients of these cards range from young to old with mild to terminal illnesses and injuries.  We want to share our holiday spirit with them and because of this wide range of patients, it is asked that messages stay away from things like “get well soon” or “hope you feel better” since it might not be applicable to the recipient.  You can either make a card yourself (8.5″x11″ paper folded twice, grade school style) or purchase a card and embellish it with your flare. You can totally send more than one card but keep in mind quality vs quantity.  There’s an amazing feeling that comes with receiving a well thought out gift.  When you’re ready to send your cards, send them to this address:

deviantART, Inc.
Holiday Card Project
7095 Hollywood Blvd., #788
Hollywood, CA 90028

All cards must be postmarked by DECEMBER 17TH.

Take pictures and use #HolidayCardProject to show the world all of your holiday joy!  Now, get crafty!

#4 Dude This Class I’m In…

…makes me ponder about life choices.  I always thought I wanted to work with animals.  Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion for all living creatures.  I still want to incorporate saving those critters but I might not do it the way I intended.  My biology courses—lecture and lab—are the most difficult courses I have ever taken.  I know that’s expected of a college level course but I find myself complaining about it the most and it’s a chore to actually learn the content.  That should not be the case for a subject you plan to work with for the rest of your life.  We do get homework in the lecture course but they aren’t worth much and they are graded on correctness.  If your answer is incorrect the first time, you get points deducted and five more tries to enter the correct answer (It’s completed online).  Since it’s difficult to stay awake while reading our 1, 100 plus paged textbook, I have a habit of diving right in and taking a few tries to answer the questions correctly.  My logic is, I’ve taken biology twice already (three times if you count 8th grade) so I should already know this.  The problem is each course had its own focus and every teacher has his or her version of what’s important so what I need to know is constantly evolving.  I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t quite figured out my professor or how to study or I really have lost interest in the topic.  I do, however, enjoy going to my introduction to renewable resources lecture.  I think maybe this is what I was meant to do: manage and conserve and create a sustainable world for animals.  I can always volunteer at humane societies and rescue centers for more hands on experiences.  Biology is the basis for understanding all forms of life but this course is more annoying than intriguing.  Questioning the sciences; I’m not sure quite how I feel about that.


*WARNING, Images included are not for those with coulrophobia.*

Once there was only one man living on Earth.  He heard a knock on the door.

dun, Dun, DUUUUN!

    There are so many scary stories out there, it’s difficult to choose just one to tell!  I’ll save us all some time and just link one of my favorite twisted websites here.  Good luck sleeping tonight 😉

It’s fitting that I’m posting today because I fully believe that HALLOWEEN IS THE BESTEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!  It’s rather unappreciated.  I love it because: a.) chocolate, b.) fall, c.) playing dress up, and d.) scaring the crap out of people.  Somehow I managed to score all four during my job at the Haunted Forest in Ames, IA this year!  As painful as it is to drag myself out of my cozy dorm room, the reward is so worth it.  Yes I get paid (and they give us candy) but I thoroughly enjoy making people scream bloody murder while losing control of their bladder (that happened; it got a little awkward).  My role for the past month has been a psychotic clown in a fenced in, abandoned nursery set up.  Truthfully, I picked this character because a ton of people are afraid of clowns and I might be slightly sadistic.  Whenever I’m hiding out of sight, ready to jump out and laugh (giggle) maniacally, I listen to the visitors entering the nursery.  “Oh I hate clowns!  They’re so creepy!”  When I hear this, the crazy little clown in me jumps up and down in a happy dance.  Some people are lame and just look at me, almost annoyed that there’s a clown in the way.  Others bury their faces in the shoulder of the person next to them to avoid looking at me.  The rest, my favorite, run screaming for the tiny exit.  🙂 I honestly enjoy this too much.  Sometimes there are children (don’t understand why) who look absolutely terrified so I back off.  I witnessed a girl (probably in high school) burst into tears she was so afraid.  There are also people who had full on panic attacks and had to be guided by one of us actors to the end.  We are ranked as the scariest haunted establishment in Iowa. They advise that you not come alone.  We’re open every weekend in October as well as November first.  Even though it can get down to freezing temperatures at night, I stay warm by jumping around and chasing visitors.  People have asked what my favorite scare is.  I’d have to say it was last night.  This guy was leading the line through the section when I jumped out in front of him.  After jumping and screaming, he tried running left, then right, then he spun around in a circle and turned and gave a bear hug to the guy behind him.  He rather resembled a character in a Scooby Doo series or something.  Definitely hilarious, I wish I had caught it on camera!  Overall this October has been pretty Spooktacular.

This is what the customers see when they enter the clown cage.  That's my roommate, she also works there as a clown.

This is what the customers see when they enter the clown cage. That’s my roommate, she also works there as a clown.

Here's a rather disturbing baby crib...

Here’s a rather disturbing baby crib…

This is me as a clown on a headless rocking horse :)

This is me as a clown on a headless rocking horse 🙂

Here's an eerie shot of my roommate standing by the creepy crib.

Here’s an eerie shot of my roommate standing by the creepy crib.

This is exactly what I looked like riding the bus home after work.

This is exactly what I looked like riding the bus home after work.

-Frankie :-*

P.S.  My actual Halloween costume is an undead pin up girl.  I love pin ups!

P.P.S. Yes, I did my own makeup every night.

There’s More Than Corn in Iowa

So college is a huge thing, and if you go, it’s supposedly the craziest, best time of your life right?  That, of course, makes me think that I’ll have some amazing story to tell right off the bat, the second I set foot on campus.  Realistically, my move in story is admittedly kinda boring.  But maybe you’re interested in hearing about it anyway.  So I’m going to type about move in day, read it if you wish.

I’m the one they call Frankie.  Yes, it’s a nickname.  No, I don’t feel like sharing what it’s short for.  I chose to attend a large University for my college years.  As of last year (IDK where this year’s info went), the total enrollment here at Iowa State University is 33,241 students.  That is about 50 times the amount of our entire high school….is my math right? I used a calculator. And us freshman take up…uh…(not sure the exact number, I just know we’ve set the record amount of incoming students…again).  I’m really good at this knowing my college stuff, haha.  Quite obviously, Iowa State University is in Iowa.  Specifically, it’s in Ames.  Ames is one of like two actual cities in the whole state and it’s a campus town so without the college, this place probably wouldn’t even exist.

That's me by the sign! And no, it's not edited.  It was like ten at night.

That’s me by the sign! And no, it’s not edited. It was like ten at night.

Fun Fact:  I pulled this right off of our page (since I included the URL, this is legal right?)

  • Students come from every county in Iowa, every state in the country, and from more than 100 foreign countries.
  • A total of 3,797 international students enrolled at Iowa State in fall 2013, comprising over 11% of the total enrollment.

Being the only one at ISU from my school, or of anyone I know, I decided to ditch the private school scene for a taste of public school.  So far, no complaints.  I also can’t really complain too much about the weather either.  It’s naturally like a good 10 degrees warmer than back home without the lake-effect: everything.  But Iowa still has pretty seasons like Wisconsin, just not quite as much heavy snow (Thank God.).  As welcoming as the Midwest is though, I got a lot of unwanted stares and a few hate mail glares for wearing my Packer shirt on move in day.  I don’t think we’re in Wisconsin anymore, Toto…On the bright side, even though she’s from Minnesota, my roomie, Liz is pretty cool.  Our room came with lofted beds and is quite more spacious than either of us expected.  I fit everything and I’m a girl who loves her clothes.  My mom, dad, brother, and I had to lug everything up to the room ourselves, though, cause we were too late for the move-in crew.  At least I’m on the second floor (Wallace, Rambo, coed, all level students—in case you’re wondering).  And I’m not sure how we missed the move-in crew since it took us about 6 hours to drive here and we arrived by like 6.  Liz only had three hours to drive and she claimed her side before I even got there.  The two of us had never met in person before that fateful day, August 19th, 2014.  Although we did Facebook chat and text a bunch.  Settling in, you can totally tell which side of our room is mine; messy and colorful with lipstick, hair things, and jewelry scattered about.  I guess I should make it a goal of mine to get a bit more on top of things and clean my stuff.

Most people would assume I’m attending school for the fine arts or something, but being the ISU of Science and Technology, this place gives me the option to pursue my dream of working with wild animals via a degree in Animal Ecology.  I’ve not yet added a minor but we all know I’m gonna do as much as possible in my time here.  This includes clubs and stuff.  I already signed up for a juggling club, look forward to joining an ultimate Frisbee team, and plan to search out or create my own dance clubs (I would create an Irish dance club.  I’m an Irish dancer).  This is what’s most exciting about college life, joining so many activities!  I get to choose from over 800 clubs! 😮 My goal is to join and actively participate in at least three clubs (let’s go time management).  Maybe I’ll join some academic clubs, too (that’ll probably help me reach my goal of getting all As [A-s included] <- haha, ambitious right?)  We’ll see what happens.

I think I hit all of the highlights (yeah, we made an outline with bullet points and everything.  Well, Michy did.  This blog is THAT cool).  So if anyone has questions or I missed something, COMMENT, or like, idk find me on Facebook and message me or something.  Sweet.  I’m off to live my adventure! (yes I just plugged an ISU line, forgive me.)

Til next time,

-Frankie :-*

P.S.  My dorm is so far away from the main campus, it doesn’t even show up on the map.  Therefore, I do not plan on walking to class too often.

I prefer biking to riding the bus to class.

I prefer biking to riding the bus to class.