That’s hello in Greek.

We are the Table.  A name that originated from the very bland fact that we occupied the same table during lunch for the duration of our high school careers.  Complete with eight, we’ll start with the most eccentric.

The one named Kennedy possesses a voice that can blow anyone’s eardrums, but usually your hearing comes back in time for the next ridiculous thing out of her mouth.  Just make sure you don’t dismiss her because of her comedic demeanor.  She’ll stand up for what she believes in when the situation calls for more than a joke.  Not one to participate in petty drama, she’s onto bigger things, and her honesty always lets you know where you stand.

Megan, on the other hand, is the token only child of the group, and proud of it, although she sometimes has a hard time pushing herself into conversations when she needs to.  Yet, she oddly has no problem getting up in front of the whole school to read for mass and proudly proclaim her faith.  Easily excitable and even more gullible, Megan can out reference you even on your favorite TV show.

Somehow we managed to stick ourselves with two information fiends, the second being Sabrina, who can fill our minds with more superhero trivia than we can remember.  She’s also got a lot of fight in her, so, I beg you, don’t ask her about politics.  Among her extensive collections are over-sized mugs and over-sized jewelry.  Basically anything that’s bigger than average size has Sabrina’s attention, especially if it’s the price tag.

In juxtaposition, Frankie has a somewhat severe obsession with smaller than normal things, including price tags.  Despite being perpetually broke, she always manages to be better dressed than the rest of us.  A breathing oxymoron, she likes hello kitty just as much as she likes skulls and anything else that can be categorized as twisted.  An artist at heart, you name it she’s done it, and she probably won an award for it.

Many things Anissa does are uncommon, like being a vegetarian, but she also tends to follow the trends, especially when it comes to footwear.  Don’t enter her swamp of a room or you’ll never be able to find your way out.  A natural introvert and documentary addict, sometimes it only takes a wild song to get her to act up.  Either that or a casual, but dangerous car ride to the mall where she will immediately spend all her money.

Michelé is more likely to spend her money on someone else than on herself, and often strolls through life singing.  She and her twin brother have a freaky psychic connection that even extends to the songs she sings in her head.  Her obsession with watermelon can’t exactly be called unhealthy, since watermelon is good for you.  If she’s not holding a book she’s holding a pencil to write one, but usually you can find her with both, because words, not numbers, are her strong suit.

Words as lyrics are Mia’s strong suit, who can hit notes higher than a dog whistle.  Owner of the World’s Most Selfies award, she dresses to party and brings the good times anywhere she goes.  She’s built with more than a little sass, but it’s that attitude that makes her stand out and will set her apart as time goes on.  And don’t be intimidated by how fierce she is; when you’re looking for protection and a shoulder to cry on she’s exactly the mother figure you need.

Born to nurture, Marisol always has a motherly and approving smile on her face.  Her favorite things are puppies, bows, and unconditionally loving everything she sets her eyes on.  Ever clad in delicate, girl-next-door attire, she has the neatest hand writing you’ll ever encounter.  She’s a true romantic at heart, has ideals yet to be broken by the world, and has remained the best kind of naïve despite the Table’s less than stellar influence on her impressionable mind.

The Table survived four years of an all-girls Catholic high school intact and we’re hoping the next four years are just a good segue into lifelong friendships.  We may have fallen into it, but we aren’t about to fall out of it.

Sab and Nis Jan 2013   Ken and Mia May 2014   Frank and Megs Feb 2014   Mich and Mari Aug 2013

From left to right: Anissa, Sabrina, Mia, Kennedy, Frankie, Megan, Marisol, Michelé


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  1. I think this idea is brilliant! You guys remind me of my group of friends; we’re all really different and far apart now, but we’re still so close. I love that you guys keep a blog together, and I’m excited to see what you guys write!

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