Goodbye and Hello

Hello faithful readers!

As you maybe can tell, we’re sort of dumping this blog.  It was a great idea, and I think it would have worked if all of my friends had wanted to write as much as me, but that’s not the case.  That’s okay though, we had a good run.

In the end, it just got to be a lot of work for Frankie and I to organize everything for eight people and get them to write their posts while doing all of our stuff as well. But do not fret (not that I think you’re fretting), I have recently made an independent blog of my own:


My passion is in fiction writing so my new blog is a way for me to get my writing out there, and a way to motivate me to actually write in the first place. Please, please check it out.  I would love any likes, comments, and subscriptions you can spare. You’re support means the world to me.

Have a happy New Year!

To 2016, yours truly,



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