Speaking of Long-Distance Relationships…

Hey y’all,

Frankie’s post got me thinking heavily about my boyfriend and how much I miss him. His name is Makonnen [Mah-Cone-Nen], and no he is not the newly famous I LOVE MAKONNEN music artist (although that would’ve been a nice story to tell). I’m over here jammin’ to Drunk in Love by Beyoncé, so excuse my mushiness.

2014-07-24 14.09.59

I was forced to attend DSHA, and it was the best decision that my parents ever made for me. One of my biggest concerns, however, was figuring out how I’m ever going to find a boyfriend in an all-girls school. Believe it or not, IT HAPPENED! Granted, I didn’t find Konnen until Christmas break of my senior year, but it still counts. *flips weave* Do you guys want to hear our cheesy story? Because I’m going to give it to you anyway. Grab some popcorn and a box of tissues…

So we met at a party when I was a sophomore and he was a senior. He told me that the entire night at the party, his attention was solely on me. I, on the other hand, was probably worried about where the drinks and food were. Needless to say, I barely remember seeing him at the party, let alone acknowledging his existence. Between sophomore year and senior year, he ended up being a friend in my Snapchat list. I would always see his stories, so I knew that at some point he moved to California which really discouraged me from pursuing anything with him.

The day before my first finals, I Snapchatted my “fail of the day” – locking my keys in the car (I was standing in the freezing weather). He responded via Snapchat by laughing at me and saying that I was funny. And I instantly thought 1) I don’t even know you, so why are you laughing at me? We aren’t cool like that, and 2) you know who I am!!! I played off my annoyance by engaging in some superficial conversation, and we ended up exchanging numbers, with NO intention to ever speak to him again. Lucky for me, I was bored out of my mind the next day and decided to text him after all. That was the best decision of my life so far.

2014-05-22 21.39.07

We connected instantly. We got so deep, so fast; it was thrilling and yet ridiculously scary. He told me that he lived in California, which was a huge turn off for me being that I had just ended up a long distance “situationship” a month before meeting Konnen. He did say, however, that he would be moving back to Wisco on my birthday (January 2), so I figured that simply meeting and going on a date couldn’t hurt anything.

It was love at first sight. He came with his buddy, and I came with my cousin to make things a tad less intimate and awkward. But that kinda backfired because his friend was really awkward the entire time. Nevertheless, we all still enjoyed ourselves at Casablanca, and then headed to his buddy’s house for some movies and video games. The next day he was my boyfriend (he tells me that he didn’t want to make things official on my birthday because that would’ve been too cliché).

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Where’s the long-distance aspect?” To make a long story short, he had to move back to California (his native state) for a crazily well-paying hospital job a month after we got together. That was traumatizing and VERY depressing. But we’ve managed to make it work thus far. He came back for Valentine’s Day (2 weeks after he moved), flew me out there for my spring break, came back here for my graduation, and then came back again a month later for his sister’s wedding (which ended up being on his birthday, June 28). Two weeks later he flew me out to spend a month with him in Cali, and I had the time of my life. He even took me to the Beyoncé & Jay – Z concert while I was out there. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m gay for Beyoncé! He’s come to visit me once since school started and… (Insert drum roll)…. HE’S MOVING BACK ON CHRISTMAS! I’m so elated to finally be with him again. It’s been a long year of being apart, but it’s made us immensely stronger and more appreciative of the time that we do spend together. Only God knows where things will go from here, but I don’ t have any doubts in my mind that we will be getting married in the future. I love that man ❤

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Yes, today is the last day of classes. But now that means I’ve got to get started w/ studying for finals. So that’s my cue! See y’all later, and Merry Christmas if you don’t hear from me again!

Mia ❤