Secret Santa with the Commuters

This week, I participated in my first Marquette Commuters Tradition.  We did Secret Santa!  Now, the day of Secret Santa was way more than just getting a gift for me.

Depending on my schedule, I prefer to leave campus earlier because normally I take the bus.  But since I was staying for Secret Santa, I was staying on campus later.  So I finally participated in a commuter tradition of going to wings night!  Let me explain.  There’s a dive/restaurant on campus called Sobelman’s, which if you’re ever in Milwaukee, you should check it out.  It’s been voted one of the top burger places in Milwaukee for… Well, for a long time.  Every Wednesday, they have 30 cent chicken wings, which if you’re not familiar with chicken wing pricing, is really cheap.

Every week this semester I’ve watched my friends go for lunch for wings, and I’ve sat sitting my sad looking PB&J sandwich.  A group also goes for dinner.  I finally joined the dinner group and had my first Sobelman’s chicken wings!

After dinner, everyone came back to the Commuter Lounge and we started the festivities!  Our setup of presents was epic, especially compared to our half decorated tree (with one of the ‘ornaments’ being a leftover Nerf gun dart from Humans vs. Zombies) and our fireplace projected from our TV via Netflix (which has three episodes of a roaring fireplace if you’re interestedJ ) .  I volunteered to be Santa, and soon everyone got their gifts!  The gifts included: play dough, a miniature pool table, science fiction books, and lots, I mean lots, of candy and chocolate.

I received a set of light up lava lamp looking speakers, which I’m very excited to put in my room eventually (my room is chronically messy, which is why I say eventually).  I can’t for next year’s Secret Santa!



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