Get to Know Anissa and Marisol

1. What three things would you bring to a deserted island with you?

Anissa: I’d bring my guitar so I could be infinitely better and actually write a song or two. I’d bring the Harry Potter series because I could read that over and over and over again and it’s very long so I’d take me a while. I’m imaging that this island is a tropical island so I don’t need socks or a blanket, but I’d definitely bring a pillow; I’m not down with sleeping on like plants.

Marisol: My dog, my smartphone, and the Harry Potter series

2. If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

Anissa: I’d be Frosted Flakes because you can never get enough of me. No, but seriously, I’d be Frosted Flakes because I’m kind of weird (In what world is miscellaneous shaped ‘grain’ not strange?) but also sweet.

Marisol: Lucky Charms-They’re not anything extraordinary, but the little bits of marshmallow makes the spoonful taste so much better. I’m the same way. I’m not special, but I offer the best of me.

3. What’s your favorite thing about being human?

Anissa: My favorite thing about being human is just being able to appreciate the world around me. I remember sitting on a bench in the middle of campus and feeling so grateful to be where I am in my life. It’s just the simple things like being able to appreciate the warm sun and a good song.

Marisol: We get to eat a variety of foods. Think about it. Every other species has a certain limited diet.

4. Who is your role model and why?

Anissa: My role model is Sue Reidy, our Anatomy/Physiology teacher. ¾ of us had her. I can honestly say both her life and death have been a very influential part of my life. She loved what she did and lived her life to the fullest, despite her illness, for as long as she physically could. She didn’t show that she was suffering and was still committed to her students until the very last day that she was able to work. She’s inspired me to do what I love so that I might impact someone else’s life positively like she did for me.

Marisol: I don’t have one role model in particular. My role models are those who are humbler than I am, because I can let my pride get in the way sometimes. Mostly though, I see admirable qualities in many of the people in my life—which is why I keep them in my life.

5. A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. He says…

Anissa: Excuse me, ma’am, I don’t mean to frighten you, but at any moment, the bomb underneath my sombrero will go off, causing all non-penguins to become penguins. Welcome to the family.

Marisol: “Hey mis amigos! Que pasa?”

6. What kitchen utensil are you most like?

Anissa: I’d say I’m most like a can opener because I like to ‘open’ people up and find out all of the things about them that wouldn’t be obvious at face value.

Marisol: I’m the strainer. I filter out that which I don’t need.

7. What is the most played song on your iPod?

Anissa: Jackie and Wilson by Hozier. The album is amazing and so is this song. I highly recommend them both.

Marisol: At the moment, “Travelin Man” by Ricki Nelson

8. If you were a boy for a day you would…

Anissa: You know, I can’t think of anything I’d want to do that I can’t do right now.

Marisol: I would be the best dressed gentlemen out there.

9. If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

Anissa: Probably play piano, violin, and cello. I took piano lessons when I was little for a while. I think violin looks rad and cello sounds fantastic when Yo-Yo Ma plays it. Side note: Yo-Yo Ma came to Dartmouth once and tickets for a Dartmouth student to go and see him were $10.

Marisol: I would love to learn how to dance ballet. It’s such a rich dance and with so much historical background to it. The dance itself is so graceful and poised and just beautiful.

10. If you could date any fictional character who would you date?

Anissa: Oh. That’s tricky. I’d actually want to be the woman in my favorite book The History of Love because the guy is so in love with her that he writes a book about her. Not that I’d necessarily want to date him but just listen to this line ““The first woman may have been Eve, but the first girl will always be Alma.” Like that’s literally so romantic. Okay. Anyway.

Marisol: Captain Jake Ballard from Scandal.

11. What is the best gift you ever received?

Anissa: Probably my car. It’s a fantastic, 14 year old, well-loved hunk of metal. I keep it a mess but it literally made my senior year and summer so much easier.

Marisol: Marc Jacobs’ “Daisy: Eau So Fresh” perfume.

12. Give your 10 year-old self some advice.

Anissa: Hang in there, pal. It’s gonna get rough for a while, but you’ve got to hold on. We’re almost on the other side because there is, in fact, another side. I believe in you. Or rather, us.

Marisol: Don’t let your mom convince you to get the hair cut. JUST DON’T.

13. Where’s Waldo?

Anissa: Waldo is a metaphysical concept. Therefore, the real question is: Where isn’t Waldo?

Marisol: Waldo is in the Cave of Wonders.

14. What’s your best trait?

Anissa: Ummm…who knows?

Marisol: I am a very good listener. I’m more than happy to sit down and listen to anyone who needs it.

15. What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Anissa: I want to do something to impact other people’s lives in a positive way. The reason I want to go into medicine is so I can help people do something that they can’t do for themselves.

Marisol: I want to adopt a child from a developing country, or at least financially provide for it.

16. Quick, tell us the first name that comes into your mind.

Anissa: Jason. Which is lame. I don’t even know anyone named Jason.

Marisol: Lucienne.

17. What’s your biggest fear?

Anissa: My biggest fear is walking by myself into a room of people that I know who are all talking about me and then they turn to me and tell me all of the things they hate about me.

Marisol: Being alone.

18. Besides the necessities, what is one thing you could not live a day without?

Anissa: I couldn’t function properly without a little down time. Sometimes my brain works a little too hard and I’m prone to burn out if I don’t take a break.

Marisol: “I love you.”

19. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done/seen/eaten?

Anissa: Oh I’ve eaten sea snails once! They were really good. Also, a little bit ago, I grabbed an unknown piece of fruit off of the tree on the way to the dining hall and tried it. In retrospect, that’s probably not the safest thing to do. But alas.

Marisol: I tried escargots. They were very chewy.

20. Say something interesting.

Anissa: To whoever is reading this: I think you’re awesome no matter who you are. Keep doing you, in whatever weird, cool, awesome, quirky, or normal way that is.

Marisol: Did you know that the Mall of America does not use heating? The body heat from all of its shoppers is enough to keep the place warm.


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