Dear DSHA: An Overdue Thank-You Note to My High School

As you guys know we all went to high school together. This is one of our fellow classmate’s stellar descriptions of what it was like.

The Little Things are Big

Dear DSHA,

Ever since I was little, my parents taught me to write a thank-you note for every gift I receive. Therefore, I figure that since I’ve received four years worth of gifts from you, it’s about time you receive a thank you from me. I have so much to be grateful for, after all.

Thank you for the handshake. As weird as that may sound to anyone unfamiliar with the unofficial 5th quality of a DSHA graduate, it really has come in handy (pun intended). From my first day on campus, I was taught that a firm handshake was the first step to achieving that confident and capable status for which we all strived. In fact, that handshake has helped to make many memorable first impressions since starting college and I have gotten an innumerable amount of comments from people about how firm my handshake is. Obviously, I…

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