#4 Dude This Class I’m In…

…makes me ponder about life choices.  I always thought I wanted to work with animals.  Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion for all living creatures.  I still want to incorporate saving those critters but I might not do it the way I intended.  My biology courses—lecture and lab—are the most difficult courses I have ever taken.  I know that’s expected of a college level course but I find myself complaining about it the most and it’s a chore to actually learn the content.  That should not be the case for a subject you plan to work with for the rest of your life.  We do get homework in the lecture course but they aren’t worth much and they are graded on correctness.  If your answer is incorrect the first time, you get points deducted and five more tries to enter the correct answer (It’s completed online).  Since it’s difficult to stay awake while reading our 1, 100 plus paged textbook, I have a habit of diving right in and taking a few tries to answer the questions correctly.  My logic is, I’ve taken biology twice already (three times if you count 8th grade) so I should already know this.  The problem is each course had its own focus and every teacher has his or her version of what’s important so what I need to know is constantly evolving.  I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t quite figured out my professor or how to study or I really have lost interest in the topic.  I do, however, enjoy going to my introduction to renewable resources lecture.  I think maybe this is what I was meant to do: manage and conserve and create a sustainable world for animals.  I can always volunteer at humane societies and rescue centers for more hands on experiences.  Biology is the basis for understanding all forms of life but this course is more annoying than intriguing.  Questioning the sciences; I’m not sure quite how I feel about that.


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