*WARNING, Images included are not for those with coulrophobia.*

Once there was only one man living on Earth.  He heard a knock on the door.

dun, Dun, DUUUUN!

    There are so many scary stories out there, it’s difficult to choose just one to tell!  I’ll save us all some time and just link one of my favorite twisted websites here.  Good luck sleeping tonight 😉

It’s fitting that I’m posting today because I fully believe that HALLOWEEN IS THE BESTEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!  It’s rather unappreciated.  I love it because: a.) chocolate, b.) fall, c.) playing dress up, and d.) scaring the crap out of people.  Somehow I managed to score all four during my job at the Haunted Forest in Ames, IA this year!  As painful as it is to drag myself out of my cozy dorm room, the reward is so worth it.  Yes I get paid (and they give us candy) but I thoroughly enjoy making people scream bloody murder while losing control of their bladder (that happened; it got a little awkward).  My role for the past month has been a psychotic clown in a fenced in, abandoned nursery set up.  Truthfully, I picked this character because a ton of people are afraid of clowns and I might be slightly sadistic.  Whenever I’m hiding out of sight, ready to jump out and laugh (giggle) maniacally, I listen to the visitors entering the nursery.  “Oh I hate clowns!  They’re so creepy!”  When I hear this, the crazy little clown in me jumps up and down in a happy dance.  Some people are lame and just look at me, almost annoyed that there’s a clown in the way.  Others bury their faces in the shoulder of the person next to them to avoid looking at me.  The rest, my favorite, run screaming for the tiny exit.  🙂 I honestly enjoy this too much.  Sometimes there are children (don’t understand why) who look absolutely terrified so I back off.  I witnessed a girl (probably in high school) burst into tears she was so afraid.  There are also people who had full on panic attacks and had to be guided by one of us actors to the end.  We are ranked as the scariest haunted establishment in Iowa. They advise that you not come alone.  We’re open every weekend in October as well as November first.  Even though it can get down to freezing temperatures at night, I stay warm by jumping around and chasing visitors.  People have asked what my favorite scare is.  I’d have to say it was last night.  This guy was leading the line through the section when I jumped out in front of him.  After jumping and screaming, he tried running left, then right, then he spun around in a circle and turned and gave a bear hug to the guy behind him.  He rather resembled a character in a Scooby Doo series or something.  Definitely hilarious, I wish I had caught it on camera!  Overall this October has been pretty Spooktacular.

This is what the customers see when they enter the clown cage.  That's my roommate, she also works there as a clown.

This is what the customers see when they enter the clown cage. That’s my roommate, she also works there as a clown.

Here's a rather disturbing baby crib...

Here’s a rather disturbing baby crib…

This is me as a clown on a headless rocking horse :)

This is me as a clown on a headless rocking horse 🙂

Here's an eerie shot of my roommate standing by the creepy crib.

Here’s an eerie shot of my roommate standing by the creepy crib.

This is exactly what I looked like riding the bus home after work.

This is exactly what I looked like riding the bus home after work.

-Frankie :-*

P.S.  My actual Halloween costume is an undead pin up girl.  I love pin ups!

P.P.S. Yes, I did my own makeup every night.


%*@# College Students Say

A NOTE ABOUT MARISOL: Even though we say it in our about section, if you plan to read any of our future posts you better prepare yourself for this fact to be repeated.  Marisol is very innocent.  The kind where she gasps when people swear and talk about sex.  Just try to read these conversations through her perspective and they will be much more entertaining. 

Hi All!

They say you never stop learning, and I believe this is quite true for me. In this particular case, I am referring to a knowledge acquired outside of the classroom…a knowledge that is completely unnecessary and inapplicable to the future I’ve envisioned for myself. Nonetheless, I either heard it or saw it and now it’s penetrated my brain cells.

It’s the second week of school and I am viciously speed-walking to class ( In my mind I’m speed-walking, but everyone around me is so tall that one of their strides is like five of mine.) Two people walk and chat behind me. Unable to walk any faster so as to create some distance between us, I picked up on their conversation.

“…so we went in and they were all dancing on us…they could touch you but you couldn’t touch them…”

That was enough for me to go roadrunner mode all the way to class. It was too early in the morning to listen to a story about a strip club.

A few weeks later I went to dinner with some newly-made acquaintances. Apparently they had a long night of partying, and their story was pretty entertaining except for the part where one said, “Yeah I was so wasted I passed out for like an hour…outside.” The other said, “Oh that’s where you went?”  It really is very comforting to know that people have truly dedicated buds.

Then came the big football game against our rival school. I only went for less than the first quarter since I had to work that day. I later found out I missed some interesting occurrences.  The conversation went like this:




I laughed a little too hard when the story ended. They were obviously drunk.

Recently, I was walking around campus minding my own business. I casually glanced up and I saw a person in front of me with some strange purple-looking bruises on their neck. It took me a few moments after we passed to realize they weren’t bruises. In my head, I remembered Rizzo from Grease when she says, “I have so many hickies, people oughtta think I’m a leper!”

I did not post this blog to judge people. Rather, I am just sharing the different things I’ve heard and seen to mock my inexperienced self.

‘Til next time,


You Know You Spend Too Much Time Together When…

DISCLAIMER: side effects of a friendship like this may include nausea, headaches, sleep deprivation, new heights of procrastination, weird stares from regular people, disappearing money, disappearing clothes, disappearing books, bruises, and possible mental scarring.

  1. You go out in public and people think your hostility toward each other is real

Anissa: Senior year, Michelé and I were in the same physics class. Besides passing notes in class at all possible moments as if we didn’t have cell phones, we also joked around a lot. And to the outside world, our joking seems like very thinly veiled hostility. One day after class, Michelé and I were joking around and our physics teacher said, “You know, I can’t tell if you two are best friends or worst enemies.” But we are best friends, we swear. Even if it seems like we’re very close to strangling one another at all points in the day.

  1. You nickname each other after famous, dead authors and also after animals

Michelé: Anissa’s animal nickname for me is Ducky which has zero basis, she just chose it because she’s weird and I’m weird.  So then I gave her the name Quiddy which is acuter version of squid because, why not?  Really though, I prefer to call her Hemmy after Hemingway, my counterpart to that being Fitz after Fitzgerald.  We’re both writers and it works out perfectly because Hemmingway and Fitzgerald were real life friends and Hemingway wrote in shorter less descriptive sentences like Anissa and Fitzgerald wrote longer, more imagistic sentences like me.  A perfect union.

  1. When a conversation dissolves into unintelligible screams

Anissa: Once, Michelé and I were sitting on the couch in her house talking about our story (more on that later). And when we talk about our story, we get really into the spontaneous ideas that we create. So we were brainstorming and realized that we actually had to do something bad to one of our characters. We then proceeded to start screaming and making noises that didn’t make any sense other than conveying our overarching sadness. If you’ve never done this, you’re missing out on a form of communication.

  1. When their mom stops being surprised that you’re at her house because she’s accepted the fact that she now has another child‏

Michelé: My house has pretty much always been the hang out house, Anissa, however, has taken that title to a new extreme.  This past summer she literally spent every day at my house for three weeks.  My mom would walk in and say, “Hey, Anissa. You staying for dinner?”  My answer being, “Duh, she’s never allowed to leave.”

  1. When you stop keeping track of who owes who what

Anissa: Freshmen year I think we all tried to make a system of how to pay people back. And then it got ridiculous because someone asked for a quarter that someone owed her. Then we decided that it was a bit too dumb. Now we just buy and lend freely. I mean it all equals out eventually.

  1. When you make numerous plans to go into some kind of business together as adults.

Michelé: Our most successful “business” venture was freshman year when we started a band.  Oh, Whispering Loudly.  I’m really proud of that name actually.  We have over a dozen songs with full sets of lyrics and we practiced a lot.  It got hard when we got busy as upperclassmen (And the fact that only one member actually played an instrument..) but periodically we reminisce and start singing some of our own lyrics.  One of our other ideas was to open a medical practice together because we had the full package.  Three doctors, a nurse, and I was considering psychology.   I’m sure that won’t be our last crazy idea.

Sabrina’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Seeing as I have been in College for about two months, I basically know everything there is to know about it. So below I have complied a list of ten tips to remember when embarking on your collegiate experience.

1. You might need to share a closet.

Say it with me, “this is okay”. Honestly, you won’t need half the clothes you brought. A lot of people forget that you will be buying things while in college. You are not shipped off to a foreign country with no money and an inability to speak the native language. I went to Chicago, which is the shopping capitol of the Midwest. Most of the clothes I brought will stay in the storage bins under my bed.

2. You might develop a slight addiction to caffeine within your first few weeks of classes.

It is going to happen whether you like it or not. You know that foreign teacher with the hard to understand accent who teaches topics you learned last year on a Monday morning? Good luck. Without some sort of stimulant, that class will become a snooze fest so be prepared.

3. Your roommate might need you to leave for an adult sleepover

This is okay. I promise. As long as you maintain the ‘no baby-making on my bed’ policy, are not judgmental about it and she knows when to take it to his place, everything should work out fine. Don’t try to teach your roommate about your personal beliefs; don’t look down on her for it. Fornication is a thing that happens, get used to it.

4. You might not want to do some things.

Everyone has different comfort zones but it is important to know that college is meant to be a time to expand your horizons not retreat behind your own personal borders. Try new things, I beg you. But don’t do things that you will regret.

5. Your prof might assign a paper the first day of class.

I’m sorry but it happens. Don’t complain. Don’t roll your eyes. You pay good money to go to school. Actually do the school part. The paper will be super annoying but begin your collegiate experience on a high note and try not to be downgraded to remedial English.

6. When things get scary, get help.

If you’re friend is drunk out of his or her mind and poses a threat to your safety or their safety, then it is time to call someone. Typically campuses have a “good Samaritan policy” of some sort which will allow you to get help without  getting in trouble. Be a good friend and make sure the people around you are safe.

7. Get to know your city!!!

I guarantee you that the city that you’re in has a plethora of things to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a college town or the third biggest city in the country, there is no reason to be in your room all weekend. Get out and make some memories.

8. You might feel lonely sometimes.

This is totally normal. You’re away from your family and friends, which can even make you regret going to the school you chose. Just remember why you’re here and the the support system you have at school. Then eat your feelings. After that you should be totally fine.

9. If you think you see someone from your hometown, say something.

Don’t let that opportunity slip by. Who knows? Your friend from high school might be on a Biology field trip from UW-Madison. And you might spot him from across a restaurant. And you two might make awkward eye contact then look away thinking that you’ve gone insane. THIS HAS HAPPENED. Just say hi okay?

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Your roommate might be messier than you, you might lose you favorite sweater in the move, and you could possibly get a horrible grade on a test. Just take a deep breath, work out your angst and realize that these things happen. Then decide whether or not to fix it. You can always ask your roommate to straighten up a bit, go to your professor’s office hours, and buy a new sweater. Just calm down okay?

Much love!

#3 Dude This Class I’m In…

…is sending me mixed signals.

An Open Letter to PSYC 6:

Intro to Neuro, what have I ever done to you? All I want is to fulfill a major requirement! I read and read and read and spend all my free time with you. I go to lecture, and pay attention, except for the few times I fall asleep on you. But even then, I record the stuff I missed and listen when I can give you the attention you deserve.
So why, then, do you treat me so poorly? Is it because you don’t notice me among the 70 other people in the room? Or do our lines get crossed among the 7 chapters I have to know for every test? I understand that you’re worth just as much as any other class in the grand scheme of things, but to me, you’re the real MVP. What kind of Neuroscience major would I be without you? Not a very good one, I’d assume.
We get along so well when it’s just you and I for hours on end. The time seems to fly by as I flip the hundreds of pages that are jammed into each test. You’re really great in that way. Teaching my brain more about my brain is something so confusing that only you can explain it to me. You’ve taught me biology, anatomy, and neuroscience all in the span of 5 short weeks. And for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. You’ll always be a 10/10 in my life. I just wish you could say the same about me.


Seriously, this class is giving me heartburn. I’m really interested in the material and everything but the amount of material we need to know for every test is obscene. We do one chapter every day and even though the material isn’t exactly tricky, it can get really complex really quickly. It is the brain after all. Right when you think you have it all down, you try to explain it to someone else and become confused all over again.
There are probably people who can learn mass amounts of information with intense specificity in such a short period of time, but I’m still trying to get a hang of it. Not that I have much time to do that. There’s only a month left of class which is strange. The best part about it is that we get to do corrections on every test we take for up to 15 points back. It probably saves everyone’s GPA. Plus, there isn’t any homework. We need to read the chapters to do well on the test, but even that isn’t technically mandatory. And there aren’t any midterms. While everyone else was studying nonstop for midterm week, I was like ‘lol what’s a midterm?’ That was great.
I think I might have the hang of the studying thing, so I should be prepared for the next test. Third time’s the charm, right? Another great thing is that the prof drops the lowest test grade. And you can be a participant in research, which can raise your grade one increment.
What I’m trying to say is that, generally, I really like the class and the material. I’m just not used to the quarter system as opposed to the semester system. All that said, I’d give it a solid 8/10 and majorly recommend it if you’re interested in neuro and are down for a ton of one-on-one time with a library and your textbook.

Get to Know Megan and Sabrina

1. What three things would you bring to a deserted island with you?

Megan: Hm, the first thing I would bring would definitely be a really long book to keep me occupied until I got to leave the island!  I would also bring a really comfy blanket so I could lay on the beach and sit in the sun all day long.  The last thing I would bring is a pen and notebook (counting this as one cause you could technically buy it in a set!) so I could write down anything I thought of.  I’d also send people messages in a bottle!

Sabrina: Hmmm… My laptop (assuming I have wifi), a lifetime supply of Mac & Cheese and Bear Grylls.

2. If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

Megan: I would be Frosted Flakes because they’re sweet but crunchy (which in my life translates to being sweet with a harsh side sometimes).

Sabrina: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. ‘Cause I’m so sweet

3. What’s your favorite thing about being human?

Megan: I know there’s a lot of bad in the world right now what with the ISIS terrorist group and war all around the world, but I really do think that humans are inherently good beings.  I love the fact that there are some really good people around me in my life and in the world to inspire me to do good things.  My favorite feeling is hearing about people doing good things for other people.

Sabrina: My ability to actively search the Internet.

4. Who is your role model and why?

Megan: My real life role model is my mom, because she has shown me what it means to be a strong, family centric, loving and caring lady.  My celebrity role model is hands down, every day of the week, Jennifer Lawrence.  She is super successful but she doesn’t party all the time, and she’s really funny.  She also accepts herself for who she is and doesn’t change for anybody else.

Sabrina: Kerry Washington. Because she is perfection.

5. A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. He says…

Megan: “Dashers Dashers what’s your number?” (1-4-1-4-1-1-1-4 😀)  If you went to DSHA you know what this is, for those who didn’t, it was part of a cheer all the classes did.

Sabrina: Arriba Arriba Andale!!! (like from Tom & Jerry)

6. What kitchen utensil are you most like?

Megan: So I actually googled “What kitchen utensil are you?” and I took a quiz that told me I’m a spoon because I’m well-rounded and probably like to cuddle (which is true), but I think I’m more like a spork.  You know, those plastic half spoon, half fork things you got in grade school?  I think this because I don’t think I can be defined as one thing, I’m kind of a mix of things!

Sabrina: A whisk. Because I give mixed signals.

7. What is the most played song on your iPod?

Megan: Vienna by Billy Joel is and probably will forever be the most played song on my iPod.  I’ve listened to it so many times it’s ridiculous. If you want to hear me sing it ask Mich if she’ll allow for a music video on the blog.  She and Frankie also have music videos too so pester for those.

Sabrina: Trouble Sleeping by Corinne Bailey Rae

8. I you were a boy for a day you would…

Megan: If I were a boy for a day I would dress really nice; I feel like it’s really easy for boys to dress up as opposed to girls.  I’d also try and see if it were actually easy to walk around with my pants hanging down my butt or if it’s just something guys think is cool.  Hopefully I’d also be tall enough to try dunking a basketball!

Sabrina: Run for office, walk alone in the dark and speak my mind without being called a ‘bitch’.

9. If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

Megan: I would love to learn how to ride a unicycle!  It’d be a really efficient mode of transportation!

Sabrina: To speak Japanese. That’d be amazing.

10. If you could date any fictional character who would you date?

Megan: Every day of my life I would hands down date and marry Nathan Scott from the one and only One Tree Hill!  Except it wouldn’t work out because he will never love anyone more than he loves Haley…

Sabrina: Four. No wait Stiles. No. Totally Four.

11. What is the best gift you ever received?

Megan: Since a scholarship is technically a gift, it’d be all the scholarships I got to attend DSHA because without them I wouldn’t have gone to DSHA and I wouldn’t have met all my friends aka The Table.

Sabrina: My late grandmother’s pearl necklace.

12. Give your 10 year-old self some advice.

Megan: Don’t worry about what other people think about you, you’re way too young to be concerned about that.  Not that I should be concerned about it now, but definitely not when you’re ten.

Sabrina: Be nicer to people. Everyone thinks you’re a lil [witch].

13. Where’s Waldo?

Megan: Waldo is holed up in the Memorial Library at Marquette University where he got lost studying for midterms.

Sabrina: Waldo is attempting to find himself. Namaste.

14. What’s your best trait?

Megan: I think my best trait is my ambition.  I think it’s gotten me really far in life, and I’m excited to see where I’ll go!

Sabrina: My cheekbones. ‘Cause Kelsey told me so.

15. What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Megan: I want to hopefully go to graduate school, and become a Certified Nurse-Midwife. But more important, I want to have a family and raise a gaggle of little kiddos.  And also to be belly buddies with Anissa.

Sabrina: I want to live in Washington. In a great, big house. Preferably white.

16. Quick, tell us the first name that comes into your mind.

Megan: Leonardo DiCaprio, aka my secret boyfriend… Don’t tell Nathan Scott.

Sabrina: Leslie. I have been watching too much Parks and Rec lately.

17. What’s your biggest fear?

Megan: Right now my biggest fear is having to finish writing my informational essay for my English class!

Sabrina: Spiders. I hate spiders. Oh and being murdered. By spiders.

18. Besides the necessities, what is one thing you could not live a day without?

Megan: I couldn’t live a day without reading.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes, I read every day.  I read through books like some people eat potato chips.  Not reading is not even a thing in my life.

Sabrina: My phone.

19. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done/seen/eaten?

Megan: So if any you out in the blogosphere have ever been to the Wisconsin State Fair, you know that it’s known for weird foods.  This summer I finally ate something that’s not a typical fair staple.  I ate a macaroni and cheese hot dog!  It sounds gross, but it was actually really good!  This is also coming from someone who grew up eating hot dogs cut up in mac n’ cheese so…

Sabrina: Spider fight club in my window. They were very angry and were pawing at each other with their many legs.  I couldn’t sleep that night.

20. Say something interesting.

Megan: Frankie once put me in clown makeup and then we went out in public and freaked out 8th graders.  There’s pictures to prove it!

Sabrina: Oh! uh okay. ummmm okay. What does the cabbage merchant use to fix his cabbages??? A CABBAGE PATCH!!! omg I’m so funny. ATLA fans know what I’m talking about.

#2 Dude This Class I’m In…

Sucks. It’s Math 112, aka ALGEBRA!!

Let me start by saying I’m really not dumb… I got a full ride to Madison, so that must take some intelligence, right? But about this math class…

So back in April we had to take a placement test to see which math and English classes we would be taking to start our college career. I took the test on an early Saturday morning (I HATE MORNINGS!) and needless to say I was tired, even though I made sure to go to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before. I’m taking the test and realize that it is actually really hard, like the ACT all over again. I somehow manage to finish the test without having to randomly fill in bubbles on my Scantron within the last 2 minutes of the time allotted, but I’m still not confident in my scores. I get the scores in June, right after graduation. After looking at the Algorithm, I realize that if I had scored 6 more points (out of 840), then I would be taking Calc. 1 which is what I wanted, being that I’m a Biomedical Engineering major. ONLY 6 MORE POINTS!!!! *Insert angry face*

Immediately I call the advising office to see if the math department is lenient about scores since I was so close; I get a cheerful “Yes! You should be fine, don’t worry about retaking it.”

July comes around and I come to Madison for orientation. I ask about my scores and the advisor IMMEDIATELY tells me that I have to retake the math test. And I’m looking at her like “Bish whet?” -___- She gives me the option to take it that day, or take it next week, OR take it during welcome week when I move in. Taking it that day wasn’t going to work because I wasn’t prepared. And taking it next week was impossible because I had a flight to catch for Cali the same day. So I just decide to stick with what I have. The “my life sucks” feeling set in rapidly.

I get to Madison optimistic about the course. I walk into what looks like a computer lab for class, and it comes to my attention that the ENTIRE class is online. There are 3 different lecture sections in one class. There’s NO PROFESSOR! The 3 TA’s for each lecture rotate everyday between who is going to cover a few topics.

Okay so about the class specifically. It’s 3 credits, and I have to take it for my major. There are about 100 people in the class. We meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays for an hour and a half. And it sucks terribly. We get homework every time we come to class, which was expected. The issue is that I’m teaching myself. The TA’s go through maybe 1-2 topics out of the 13-15 we were supposed to read about in the homework. To make things worse, they go over the easiest concepts, and put the hardest ones on the quizzes and exams. I got a 62% on my first written exam and a 80% on my first online exam. So you can see how this is an issue for me. I’m used to getting straight A’s. What the hell is an F? The written exam was the STRUGGLE. There were 4 questions, we had an hour to do it, no calculator was allowed, and NO PARTIAL CREDIT. What in God’s name are they thinking?! So yeah, that’s why I got a 62%. I would most definitely not ever recommend this class to anyone, ever. But I’m going to have to suck it up if I want to major in BME. The struggles of Mia…

Get to Know Frankie and Kenndey

A MESSAGE FROM THE TABLE: Hey guys! Since we tend to do things untraditionally around here, we’ve got some get to know us questions you might not hear too often but which will give you amazing insight into the characters we really are.  All questions were answered separately so any similar answers are just fateful coincidences. Please comment on and feel free to leave your own answers! Enjoy!

1. What three things would you bring to a deserted island with you?

Frankie:  Chocolate, pencils, a sketchbook. (assuming all basic necessities will magically appear.)

Kennedy: My phone with access to iPhone and iBooks: I use reading as a destresser, so just in case I get stressed about being on a deserted island, at least I can read. Sunscreen! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m allergic to sunlight so I need an endless supply of sunscreen with at least 100 SPF.  The cast of Scandal so that I can have them reenact my favorite scenes. Plus I would be able to feel like Kerry Washington when she has to choose between Jake and Fitz.

2. If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

Frankie: I would be Fruity Pebbles ’cause I love fruity Pebbles.

Kennedy: If I were a cereal, I would be Special K! Get it! Because my name is Kennedy!

3. What’s your favorite thing about being human?

Frankie: I like being able to express myself in every way humanly possible, especially regarding appearance.  I mean, if I were like a zebra or something, I would just blend right in to the herd.

Kennedy: My favorite thing about being human is that I can vocalize with people in a way they understand. Even if people speak different languages, facial expressions, body language, and voice annotation helps to understand what they are trying to communicate. With animals, you have to rely on a more difficult form of communication.

4. Who is your role model and why?

Frankie: Omigod this is too difficult… Probably Tim Burton because he is an artist, famous movie director, married to a freakin awesome woman, and scares the crap out of people.  He also works a lot with Johnny Depp which is kinda awesome. I think if someone should aspire to be like anyone, that anyone should be Tim Burton.  Did that even answer the question?

Kennedy: My role model is my mommy because we have the same personality and we know how to keep it real! My mom is an awesome mom and I want to be a mom like her when I have kids.

5. A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. He says…

Frankie: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father.  Prepare to die.

Kennedy: I can’t come up with anything creative to say.

6. What kitchen utensil are you most like?

Frankie: A blender XD

Kennedy: The kitchen utensil I am most like is a blender because I am really loud and once you’ve come in contact with me, I will shake you up and make something entirely new.

7. What is the most played song on your iPod?

Frankie: “Starstruck” by Lady Gaga

Kennedy: “Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)” by YG.

8. I you were a boy for a day you would…

Frankie: Swag.

Kennedy: If I were a boy for a day and I still had my personality, I would try to decide which is better: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs.

9. If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

Frankie: Lyra.  [That giant hoop thing hanging from the ceiling that is used as an aerial dance art.]  And also magic.

Kennedy: If I could learn to do anything, I would train to become a sniper.

10. If you could date any fictional character who would you date?

Frankie: Riley.  He’s one of Robin Wasserman’s supporting character creations in her Skinned series.  None of my friends know who he is, but he is perfect. And he’s basically a robot with a human mind.  But Riley’s Mech body resembles his human body, making him a little more human than the other Mech characters.  He’s very soft spoken yet strong at the same time.  And also perfect.

Kennedy: If I could date any fictional character, I would simultaneously date Alejandro, Carlos, and Luis Fuentes from the Perfect Chemistry series.

11. What is the best gift you ever received?

Frankie: ALL OF MY ANIMAL HATS!  (imposter Spirit Hoods for you name brand people)

Kennedy: The best gift I ever received was on Christmas Day when I was 10 years old and my grandma drove me to the American Girl Doll store in Chicago and I got a Just Like Me doll and I got to pick all of her outfits.

12. Give your 10 year-old self some advice.

Frankie: Just because that scarf matches your shorts AND your socks doesn’t mean you should wear it.  Oh, and learn how to spell ‘scissors’ so you don’t have to awkwardly draw them on the board when you’re sent to give a message to the other class that your teacher wants them to bring scissors today.

Kennedy: The advice I would give to my 10 year old self would be to not pick friends out of convenience, rather to choose friends that would make you a better person.

13. Where’s Waldo?

Frankie: Turn around.

Kennedy: Waldo is hidden somewhere in the forests of Fiji because he is exhausted from having people trying to find him and every vacation destination he tries to visit.

14. What’s your best trait?

Frankie: ME *_* and my inability to accept societal norms XD

Kennedy: My best trait would have to my smile because braces in grade school really did me a solid and my teeth are really straight and my calves because when I wear heels, they look pretty bangin’!

15. What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Frankie: I want to write a novel…and maybe end it in a full sentence.

Kennedy: In my lifetime, the one goal I really want to accomplish is to make decisions that seem scary at the time, but look back on those decision with pride.

16. Quick, tell us the first name that comes into your mind.

Frankie: George. <–My fingers typed this; only in my head it kinda was more like Jorgé (????)

Kennedy: The first name that popped into my mind was: Chester!

17. What’s your biggest fear?

Frankie: Apparently tornadoes.  I kinda sorta cried when there was a major storm and the alarm went off in my dorm.  And I don’t really cry that easy; ask anyone at The Table.  I was terrified.  [Of course I cried in the dark, silently, behind closed doors.] wow, that sounds pathetic haha.  And like Demons and stuff that crawls out of Hell. {I watch too many scary movies}

Kennedy: My biggest fear is not doing something and later on coming to regret my decision.

18. Besides the necessities, what is one thing you could not live a day without?

Frankie: Chocolate.

Kennedy: One thing I cannot live a day without is my C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. It has multiple purposes. It can be used for your face, lips, cuticles, elbows, knees, and face. And just to give a boost, I bought it from Bath and Body Works. Go out and discover the genius of Rose Salve!

19. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done/seen/eaten?

Frankie: Well, this guy on my floor got his finger chopped off by a lawn mower.  He is missing the top knuckle part and therefore has no finger print or nail on that finger. 0.0

Kennedy: The most unusual thing I have ever seen was when I came to college at Spelman. To get around Atlanta in the most efficient way, I have to take the MARTA, which is a public train. I was on the train and I about two rows behind this woman. I’m with two of my roommates, but all of a sudden the woman starts having phone sex while on the train! It was so awkward because everyone was looking at her and she just kept going. Afterward, it was funny, but in the moment, I was so embarrassed for her.

20. Say something interesting

Frankie: Frankie.

Kennedy: Something interesting. Hmmm. I went to a party called Pretty Nasty. Two fraternities from Morehouse hosted it: The Pretty Boys of Kappa Alpha Psi and the Nasty Dogs of Omega Psi Phi. I was with my friends and the Ques or men of Omega Psi Phi are notorious for being kinky in their behavior. So me and my friends are dancing and I feel in pinch on my butt and I look down and a Que was on his knees crawling around guess what?!?! He bit me on the butt! Like how gross/weird is that?! But they do that to everyone, but it doesn’t seem sanitary. And he was really cute, but that did not make up for the fact that he bit me! But I thought that was pretty interesting if I do say so myself.

#1 Dude This Class I’m In…

…is the bomb.  So, here I am, sitting in the library, listening to the Legally Blonde Broadway soundtrack, fresh out of my Chemistry for the Health Professions class. I’m almost a month into the school year (time is passing way too fast for me!) and I think that after this month, my favorite hands down class is not my chemistry class, but my Nursing in the Jesuit Tradition class.

Okay, first I’ll get the boring specifics out of the way. It’s a 3 credit class that I have two days a week; Tuesday and Thursday. It doesn’t start until 11 a.m. and it’s my first class of the day, which is why I may be a little biased towards it (I don’t mind waking up early, but waking up later is always preferable). My teacher is Dr. Boaz, who is a really awesome lady. She not only teaches our class but she also works as a nurse practitioner and  does research for the Veterans’ Affairs Center in Milwaukee. She’s been a nurse for a long time, and she’s able to tell us a lot of things about nursing that she’s learned firsthand. There are only around 30 people in the class, which makes it easier for everyone to get their questions answered (however, these 30 people don’t include a male, which makes me sad because I’d really like to see nursing from a male perspective).

As a nursing major, I have to take this class. I really love it because nursing is something that I’m really passionate about, and I don’t mind reading and learning about it one bit. The homework is really only reading at this point, but I know we’ll have a midterm exam and a final exam. Other than that, our grades will come from journal entries and two projects. The journals all pertain to nursing and what we’re learning about during that week, which makes them pretty easy to write.

I’m really excited about our two projects, though! One of them is called a dashboard survey. Basically, my small group and I will head out into a neighborhood around Marquette and ‘survey’ the area. We’ll gather information about stuff that pertains to health, like how easy is it to access alcohol and tobacco products, are there grocery stores in the area, etc. The second project will be more of a research project where we’ll gather information about a certain health issue and present it to the class.

One thing that I’ve loved learning about so far is the history of nursing. My mom and grandma are both nurses, and I’ve always respected the profession because of this. But up until the mid to late 1800’s, nursing was actually the lowest form of employment for women! It was the last resort after prostitution! It wasn’t really up until after the Civil War that the profession started getting the recognition and respect that it deserves.

I definitely give this class a 10! It’s cool to see nursing not just from the science perspective, but as a social science, too. I’m not sure if you’re really able to take this class if you’re not a nursing major but if you are able to and have an interest in nursing theory and stuff like that, I’d definitely recommend it!

The Reunion of Cookie and Cream


That’s Hello is Albanian.

It’s been six weeks and I finally got to see one of my friends again! In the actual flesh, no less.  And lemme tell ya, it was really something.  I took my first ever train (if the New York subway doesn’t count) and wandered alone in Chicago for a little bit, which is scary and very adulty.  But I’m going to let you read Sabrina’s account of the event first because what she thinks of me is funny (and obviously not true).

Michelé is, as we know, a wonderful person who always tries to do the right thing. It is her gift. It seems to come easily to her. So with this in mind I must say that you should never take her to Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It is because of her gentle nature that she will attempt to give everything she has to the poor of Chicago (of which their are many). Ranging from all the cash she has in her wallet to, probably, the shirt on her back. Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. It’s just makes me feel like an inconsiderate dick the whole time. That’s all.  Our lovely trek through Chicago’s most touristy shopping destination, was still fab though. I forgot how much I missed the companionship of great friends. It’s one thing to text or call but to see one another in the flesh is the tops. (I swear I didn’t know she put “in the flesh” when I wrote my line above #soulmates). Mich’s visit reminded me of why our friendship has always just worked. Despite the fact that she is a reincarnated Mother Teresa, and I’m the mean business person from every kid’s movie ever: we legitimately enjoy each other’s company. Or at least I do. Thanks for coming up Mich and I hope that the next time you do, you can even stay over!!
Much love,

Mich and Sab Sept 2014 Sab and Mich Sept 2014 Sab plus mich sept 2014 Sabrin and mich Sept 2014

Oh the selfies.

So, basically lets clear things up.  I am not nearly worthy enough to be Mother Teresa, but I appreciate the gesture, my friend.  It probably is a good idea, though, that I never again visit the inner city of Chicago while not blindfolded.  In my opinion, it isn’t my place to decide whether or not a homeless person deserves my money.  I think it’s my duty to give what I don’t need to anyone who looks like they do need it.  It takes a lot of courage to let go of your pride and sit out on the street asking people to help you. I imagine it to be the absolute last resort for many of them.

We passed at least two dozen poor people in the short afternoon I was there.  One younger man we walked by twice and I would have given him my $50 pre-paid visa (I had already given away my five dollars in cash) if we hadn’t been walking so fast. It just tugs at my heart strings, you know?  A woman who says she’s lost everything in a fire and clearly has burn marks all the way up her arms.  A veteran holding a sign that reads, “Please help.”  A Middle Eastern woman saying she has four children that she is trying to get to America and has lost her job…  And I know, some of you might think that those signs are expertly engineered to get people like me to give them money, but someone somewhere has to have put their real story out there hoping that just one person might understand. I never want to be that person who wishes they would have given more.

But I feel bad, because that’s not the point of this blog.  The point of this blog is that I got to hang out with Sabrina and it was awesome! We bickered, like usual, and I was being my “reverse snob” self as The Table likes to say.  And the world was in order.  For a brief time I was worried that I was being replaced; that all my friends are finding new, better friends and I’m going to be left behind.  But thinking about it, I will never ever replace them so why should I think they don’t value our friendship just as much?  Next time I’ll stay over.  Promise.

Mich and Brin sept 2014 Mich and Sabrin Sept 2014


And a funny one for last.

Brin and Mich sept 2014