New to New Hampshire

(Anissa sort of couldn’t figure out how to make her own profile so we’re posting through here.  But yay for the last move-in post!)

Let’s start off with the fact that I had a two-step move in process. The way they orient you up here in Hanover, NH is by throwing you into the middle of the forest for 5 days to bond with some classmates  I moved into my room after that trip, it was a solid 85 degrees, I was all alone, I had no idea how to get to my dorm, and I hadn’t showered for 5 days.

Michelé would say that’s an exaggeration but honestly after like 3.5 days of walking through a forest it feels like you haven’t showered for 10 days. (That’s because she’s a perpetual exaggerator.  It was only 3 days)

I went camping at a Dartmouth owned cabin with a group of strangers who are now no longer strangers. That’s what happens when you spend 5 days with other people and no electronics, electricity, or any other form of entertainment besides nature. We danced and sang and it generally felt like summer camp. And then When my tripees and I (F-50 for life!) got back, it kind of hit me that it was actually college.I was just a little worried that it would stop feeling like camp.

I was very hilariously wrong. I moved my stuff into my room on that ridiculously hot day, and since I was an innocent ’18, took the long way . I happen to live at the farthest possible dorm, and had a very full hiking backpack and suitcase that I had to drag up a very steep hill. When I finally got to my building, French Hall in the River Cluster, it was pretty much deserted. I was worried that I wouldn’t make any friends besides the people on my trip but as I walked up the stairs to my third floor dorm room, this girl offered to help me.  It turns out that she’s a pretty nice person that’s always super friendly and social. I’m actually surprised that she wasn’t appalled by how much I smelled after I came back from my trip. But she got back a day before me, so she understood. It was quiet on campus during those first couple of days of Pre-Orientation. And it still felt like summer camp.

Dartmouth is not, in fact, summer camp. It happens to be an Ivy League school in Hanover, NH. The smallest one actually. We’ve only got about 4,000 undergrads and not too many grad students. New Hampshire is different from Wisconsin in that, like, there is no lake effect breeze. So it’s always hotter than I anticipate from the temperature.

After Pre-Orientation, my parents finally came with all of my stuff! After 7 days of having just clothes, I was so thankful. Plus, I mean, I was thankful that I could see my parents again after 2 weeks. That was cool too. I mean a little more than cool. They drove 14+ hours to come and bring me my stuff. My brother didn’t come because he had football, (at Valpo with Michelé!) but I’m 100% sure that he would’ve come if he could have. There weren’t movers, and the stairwell is small, but I didn’t have too much stuff. It was pretty relaxed for a move-in day since a lot of people had moved in before that due to Trips. Thankfully, nothing broke! It was fantastic!

Charlie, my roommate, is incredibly rad. We’ve got a two room double which is nice since we both have our own space. But it’s cool that I’ve got the perks of having a roommate too. My room is kind of tiny, but I love it anyway. We have an adopted roommate, and her name is Michaela. She actually lives in the basement, but everyone thinks we’re all roommates anyway.There are 7 girls and 14 boys on our floor. It’s a huge change to the all girls’ school thing. I’m digging it so far.

As of right now, my major is Neuroscience, my minor is Linguistics, and I’m on the pre-med track. I’m in Active Minds, which is a group thatadvocates for mental health awareness and de-stigmatization. I also want to get a ‘Women in Science’ internship. The last thing that I want to do is this thing called America Reads, which means I’d be an in-school tutor for little kids.

Three goals that I have for this year are:

To put all of my effort into all of my activities and classes.

To meet as many new people as I can and not be shy.

And to make a ton of good decisions and to live with no regrets.

When I first came here, I said I wasn’t sure exactly what I was most excited for, so I just said everything. After being here for quite a while, I’m still excited for everything. There are so many new classes, activities, and people, that I can’t pick any one thing to be excited about.  What I’m saying is that, so far, I’m loving it up here in the middle of nowhere at this little known Ivy League school.

Niss, Charlie, Michaela sept 2014

Charlie, Anissa, Michaela


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