Minnesota, Boys and Freedom, Oh My!

A MESSAGE FROM THE TABLE: Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t been on top of things lately.  College life, right?  We swear we’ll get better!  One more move-in post after this and then onto awesome things!

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying these last precious days of warmth.

My name is Marisol, which means “sea and sun” in Spanish. People have called me Mari for as long as I can remember but as of late people have gotten creative. Now I find myself responding to names like Sea-sun, Sol, Mare-mare, and Mars. It makes me feel special that people have unique names to identify me.

I was absolutely sure that I would stay in Wisconsin for college. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is home to my entire family and I am a very family-oriented girl. The first time I was away from them was for one weekI was ten and I had begged them to let me go to summer camp. I literally bawled my eyes out every night. Needless to say, they haven’t let me live that down.

It was a huge surprise for everyone (including myself) when I decided to go out of state. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is a co-ed school of about 6,000 students right by the Mississippi River. This is the first time in 8 years that I am in school with boys. NO WORRIES! My dorm hall is for girls only! Thank goodness.

Move-in day was on August 30th. I started to pack up on August 29th at about 9:30 p.m. and I did not finish until 2 in the morning. Always punctual, my dad wanted us to be there early and hit the road at 6am. It’s a five-hour drive from my house to St. Paul, but we made stops for food and bathroom breaks, so really it’s more like 6.

The drive seemed just like any other road trip we had made. Dad was driving, Mom was in the passenger seat, Georgie and I were in the back.

The look on my parents’ faces when they saw the line of cars…priceless. It moved pretty quickly, but I think it was the heat that made it seem like forever. We unloaded everything and headed up to the fourth floor. My roommate, Madeleine was already there…she’s also from out of state. We had been texting since early July, and I was relieved to finally meet her.Madeleine, Anastasia (her sister) and I bonded over breakfast the next day. Of course, I embarrassed myself. We were admiring our beautiful breakfast dishes and we started to Instagram pictures of it. I was so focused on getting a good angle that I did not even notice that they had started to pray before eating. I felt awful! They were cool about it though.

Parting with my parents was not as tearful as I had imagined. Actually, it was tear-less. It was a short, simple “Take care, I love you.” But in Spanish, it sounded more like this, “Mari, cuidate mucho. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti y sabemos que vas a lograr muchas cosas. Te queremos mucho.” Being Hispanic, we send off our loved ones with a kiss on the cheek and the blessing of the sign of the cross

Everyone I have met has been so nice to me. My RA is awesome and super friendly. The girls in my hall are great, and we all get along well. By the way, most of the girls in this hallway are from out of state. There’s a girl here from Wisconsin, one from Alaska, even one from Florida. Complete strangers will smile and greet you in the hallways.  Oh, and the boys here are such gentlemen!

So here I am, a first-generation freshman majoring in International Business with a minor in French having my first taste of complete independence. It’s a new place with new people, and I feel as small as a mouse. Thankfully, I have a support system made up of the most loving family and amazing friends.

These are my goals:

  1. Meet lots of people and make new friends.
  2. Explore the Twin Cities.
  3. Get involved.


I am very optimistic about the near future. Wish me luck!




Mari Sep 2014

Marisol in the big city!


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