Illinois You a Little, But it’s College

I feel like I should be playing Kanye West to do this post justice… oh well. One doesn’t just turn off Beyoncé.

Hello! I’m Sabrina, the resident comic book nerd of the table. I’m a Marketing Major with a minor in political science. I’ve read enough college blogs to know that this will probably change, but so far, this is the plan I’m currently pursuing. I attend Loyola University Chicago. A gorgeous Jesuit school nestled in one of the most diverse neighborhoods of this huge city. It has an undergraduate population of about 9,723. LUC isn’t huge but it isn’t tiny either. It is just right for me.

Move in day was exciting. As my dad drove away from the house and from the state that’s been my home for a while, I kept feeling like I needed to see everything just one more time. The strip malls, the cracked and potholed streets, my favorite Starbucks and that Chick-fil-a they are finally building near my house, which I can’t eat at until thanksgiving break.

So with a heavy heart I made my way to Chicago, Illinois on the 20th of August. We were assigned a check in time (9:15) and with Chicago being only two hours from home, we were almost punctual. Almost. We got there about twenty minutes late. As a semi-professional over packer I was over the moon with our move in team. Volunteers from the school essentially swarm your car, put everything in bins, and take it straight to your bedroom. Seeing as I live on the 18th floor of my residence hall, I was very grateful to those strapping young men who took my mini-fridge upstairs for me. The only thing I took was my purse.

My roommate’s name is Jade and she is from Arkansas, We live in a small double room on the second highest floor of our building. We have a beautiful view of both the city and Lake Michigan. The sight is something that constantly reminds me that I live here. I live in Chicago, I’m 18 and the world is at my feet.

College has already challenged what I once thought was true. I assumed it would be difficult to find people to connect with. Well you know what they say about people who assume. Everyone was on the same boat as myself. We are all being forced into a new and unfamiliar situation. However, being the fourth most polite campus in the country means that we are very accepting of everyone: all religions, ethnicities and orientations. So that’s nice. It is also nice knowing a few people off the bat. I was fortunate to have a very close orientation group. We stayed in touch over the summer and take some of the same classes. I knew four people from my high school and a few people I have met at various student events. My goal for the upcoming year is to get out of my comfort zone. Try new foods, new activities and meet new and different people. This city is so new and exciting that it deserves nothing less than my best. And my best it will get.

Sabrina and Jade Aug 2014

Sabrina (left) and her roommate Jade


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