Soup and Introductions


That’s hello in Estonian.

This is just a very, very short introduction.  And by short I mean the shortest thing you will probably ever read on this here blog.  Shorter, also, than a food label.  In case you were wondering.

Before, graduating class of 2014.  Now, incoming freshman class of 2018.  And not one of us is within two hours of the next person. It’s kind of a culture shock to be spread across seven different states. That pretty much sucks, but it’s also exciting.  This blog will broadcast each of our experiences with the suck-age and non-suck-age of our particular colleges.  Cry with us, laugh with us, and please laugh at us. It’s nothing new. Maybe, you’ll even learn from our mistakes.

But first, we have some (not so) wonderful move-in-day stories.


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